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  1. I would like to think that "dumping" X number of upgrades into armor resists actually has more effect than simply making your hero more durable. I'd much rather see something defensively oriented work on *both* the hero wearing it and the defenses they build. Ex: Some units have the damage they take from being attacked reduced by armor resists. Other units get a chance to *ignore* an enemy's elemental-properties based on those same resist levels. "Nope, can't ignore this gas trap. I've got 90% poison!"
  2. "Mushy Snugglebites is requesting that you return her badonkadonk...before I eat your babies."
  3. these are actually some good points in these posts. i'm not sure how i feel about drop rates & all characters having a tower boost that only affects towers they've placed (only way to do that without people being able to exploit). but, having minor improvements if more players place towers, and that personal DU is spectacular. solo you could in theory get away with using just that 50, but with more players you'll want the extra DU used. however, the map must still be able to be done by one person. i've seen friends that play DD together where one person does all the building and has al
  4. A fully free-roam 30 second replay would be awesome. That's enough to track down whichever entity caused the problem, where they came from, and how they slipped through so you can re-evaluate your approach for next time.
  5. Being able to character switch during a game (build mode) too often puts classes/heroes at an imbalance. You will always have the character class that is unwanted/not as good as another class and never sees the light of day except to build; or when some player just wants to switch it up for once. When you are forced to build and play as a single character, you will be more dependent on having good stats to build and to fight. Yes, this requires more stats spread and what not, but at least that class actually is part of the game except for switching in, building, switching out. That's not a cla
  6. The "parent" weapons that most of us had to start out with wouldn't hurt to have again. They were nicely potent for their lack of a level requirement but they did get replaced rather quickly.
  7. There are certain things that above all I don't mind. "Jumping over" grinds is borderline so long as the grind isn't arbitrarily so extensive such that I might as well not even bother. Cosmetic costumes and accessories are completely a-ok in my book. The more the merrier really. So long as they remain *cosmetic* or or infinitesimally minimal (like the original DD accessories were).
  8. It'd be awesome if each player has their own "persistent" version of the world that combines aspects of the tavern and an endless survival challenge into one. You'd actually play out there, *earn* additional DU gradually, spend from your stock-piled mana to build and upgrade defenses. And gradually expand out from the starting tavern out into the larger world, ...which will be right where you left when you return. No items or anything would drop out there, and very little mana, but you could roam, explore, and conquer your way across the world, earning more DU to fortify and expand as you d
  9. I agree with both Mang and Eagle. Something to note though; if you have a gaming keyboard (I don't so I can't confirm nor deny) that has the ability to key a macro that you can have it spam click for you with a key press. Second; while spam clicking gives the max damage based on the charge rate, auto fire does use both the charge and knock back values to add some damage. It is just that those values have to be very high to see any benefit in autofire while a lot of people feel more comfortable with a lower charge rate (like 68 to 80) for spam clicking. On other words a great auto fire
  10. Part of the problem is their flight path often taking them so far above the playing field that you won't even see them coming till they explode over your head and splatter you.
  11. LOL, that is good Epic indeed. It needs to be a poll option.
  12. If you run a dps summoner... don't do what I did... I floated over in phased mode with the intention of un-phasing on the deck and when I stopped floating I fell through the deck before I un-phased. "The deck, it does nothing!"
  13. Van Wolfstein For the purpose of clarity: It relates to the number of damage-dealing attacks that land and how fast you land them. Because VWs have a very tightly clusterd lump of projectiles with a very high rate of fire that also pierces, it allows the weapon to land a substantial number of simultaneous hits, multiplying a genie's mana generation before it starts its cooldown. Also, because it shoots through walls as well, it allows the weapon to do this from pretty much *anywhere* on the map.
  14. Barbarian & Tornado Stance is one option. That'll get you on and off the ship rather reliably. Jester or EV & Portal Gun (MK1 or MK2, either one works). It won't get you *on* the ship, but it will get you back off again perfectly safe. Alternatively: Super Legendary EV or Hero Summoner. Float on.
  15. I don't know about having a toggle to "hide" complex effects, but it would be nice if there was a "ultra-simple" version of the various beams and auras that were vastly simpler to render. This would be part and parcel of the "Simplified Rendering" configuration setting. Ex: Auras are nothing more than a large colored "ring" on the ground denoting their max range (and maybe a second ring that automatically orients itself towards the camera so you can see the sphere's periphery from any angle), and buff-beams are nothing but color-coded solid planes (no fancy buzzy electrical fuzz). That woul
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