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  1. I got this error. I was able to resolve it by switching my playback device from Uproar wireless hands-free headset to Uproar wireless stereo headphones.
  2. The proper way to do this is not a wipe, it's to increase the item/difficulty cap.
  3. But the reflected DPS would be insufficient to kill them standing in the healing circle, eventually rendering the reflect beam moot. Seems kind of steep, considering the towers are lackluster overall? Is there any existing map where placing a reflect beam is worth 60 DU? Considering each explosion can do 100k+ damage, not really. And for 40DU you can get a tower that does 150K DPS...
  4. Seems kind of steep, considering the towers are lackluster overall? Is there any existing map where placing a reflect beam is worth 60 DU?
  5. Sounds like they had already written the code for the torpedo beam and didn't want to waste it...Which is fine. Hey, sorry dude, I thought you would want the credit. You want me to ninja edit real fast?
  6. I suppose my questions are... Can proton beam be used effectively to freeze and damage an entire lane at once? Or will it's DPS be so grossly high it won't matter? Can other character types use the weapon manufacturer generated weapons? Or will its debuff/DPS aura be worth using for its own sake? Otherwise, I see it languishing like direct command - relegated to niche builds. It seems...inefficient and gimmicky to constantly be running back to the weapon build node to pick up a weapon, especially if you can't hotswap to another hero while you are holding the weapon? I assume there's a notification that a weapon has been generated? I see it getting a lot of use if anyone can use it, but not so much if it's not convenient to use. Hotswap to EV2, pick up weapon, hotswap to more reliable DPS hero, hotswap back to ev2 when you need to use burst DPS? I notice that there's no passive for buff beam. It probably dosen't need one, with the information (elsewhere) that it buffs DPS by 80%. (I'm on wave 151 of NM4 onslaught while I type this, 80% dps will push me to wave 300:P If my game can run that long without crashing.)
  7. Based on this list of pre-patch passives, courtesy of roboticaust - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GVLBJZ1Gc5nd0yzMWvt0edFRjomDuJEtZecj9xMh8iw/edit[[668,hashtags]]=556149471 Looks like you can have perhaps two DPS abilities, or focus on gravity bots(mines). Looks like weapon manufacturer is its own spec and so is reflect beam. Apparently robticaust doesn't think much of reflect beam's base torpedo radius, but you can more than double it with passives, and greatly extend it's length/node maximum (which may or may not be worth doing depending on base length between first two nodes and map layout). Proton beams freeze seems useless. It looks like it pulses as pulse beam pulses and has a max of 6%, which isn't enough to bother with. I suspected proton beam would be lackluster, and I stull suspect as much. Unless perhaps it's DPS is grossly high and/or it can be run lengthwise down lane middles. Weapon manufacturer may see some use....especially if the weapons are useable by other charecters!
  8. Wait isn't his hit box huge that when Betsy lands to fight her he gets destroyed. I'm trying to picture how this works exactly? However wow at that video and people think this game doesn't need more of a challenge and are quite content with this crap? hahaha. You stick it up front, on that little straw section. He can hit her from there but won't take insta-death damage when she lands. I'm only *assuming* that frosties hitting her from down below will also boost him in that location. It's possible the frosties are hitting her in the middle of the nest and too far away to boost Colossus.
  9. The typical lifecycle of a free 2 play game is as you stated, making each new hero stronger and stronger so as to provide an incentive to buy it. Some combine this with increasing difficulty/levels or subsequent nerfs to the new heroes after some period of time (so you have to buy the hero rather than earning it to enjoy the initial OP period). Then when profits die down they sell the game to new 'caretakers' who promptly begin selling power for ever increasing amounts of money to milk the last dollars they can out of the loyal fans. Patches gradually become less and less frequent and eventually only consist of new shop items, which then cease. At which time the servers are closed.
  10. Reduces revenue by reducing the comparative value of having extra heroes to build specific towers. Unless direct command was made cross-hero compatible. Which would frankly be weird, and would decrease the relative value of DPS and thereby variety.
  11. They have said they are planning for a 9am EDT patch with a server downtime of 1 hour. So, basically, 4pm.
  12. Some kind of small square block that can be stacked up and other towers placed on top of. So we can increase the height of defenses for a small cost. 2-3 DU per block sounds right.
  13. Lol. With an 80% dps buff nothing will live. But archers will still be much better. Because they do 3X the base DPS, can hit both air and ground, and also benefit from buff beam. I may use AA towers highly situationally in cases where I need air dead first to reduce maintenance (throne room onslaught AFK). But nothing in this game right now needs an 80% DPS boost to conquer.
  14. Xira

    Rename Heroes

    If it does cost gems I can always just delete my characters and level a new one That's what I'm doing now. Hero deck shared XP makes it possible at least to rename heros without massive suffering:D
  15. Colossus as blocker is pretty useful in that one, esp with long range frosties... Use him as barraicde in center lane, upgrade him to max, point a few frosties so they'll hit the dragon....last wave put him up center where he can hit Betsy. With several frosties he (should) do a cool million DPS and 2 mil hitpoints does last a while, even at nm4.
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