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  1. as i said just before we dt play onslaught, this game mode is useless, no drop, we have the 4 weapon ipwr 600 they are all useless, no point to farm this s**** We need the PS4 onslaught mode with no limit in ipwr drop :D
  2. @nineO_O We have 360k wall // elem trap 3.260 dps // frost 4250DP, 98ff, 50fp, 38%ss // monk with 4250Dp 2200range karma + 81% idle slow and we play with 4 dps with dragolich (squire-huntress-app all 720-740ipwr with cleanser 4/s armagedon 4/s etc ...) i can tell you its way enoght to win all map. for onslaught, this game mode is useless, long, boring, no drop, u need to play Xbillion hours for ipwr 700 drop we even win inc nm4 liferoot and dragon without wall the question is : what can we do now ?
  3. atm we can win all map, we all have 7/8 charactere ipwr 720-750 what can we do ? nothing :x
  4. Its time to increase the difficulty. We need a nm5 with not nm6 difficulty. i think its not really hard to put new difficulty mode with for exemple : nm5 ipwr 1200 drop ipwr 800 nm6 ipwr 1500 drop ipwr 1000 me and i my mate love this game but we will stop play becose we need more end game challenge (we already got everything for every character) and its sad ! What do you think about this boys and girls ? PS : if trendy can drop a little tips on future difficulty challenge its will be nice :D
  5. how do you get ticket at the end of the map? I just never had any drop, for me this map is useless (fun do to once no more)
  6. hello boys and girls. Have a question, atm me and some friends are farming rampart inc nm4 to get a armored cleanser bow WITH 4 shot/s but 1 week later and around 200 runs we just never see this bow. Some people already drop this bow recently ? or the drop is bugged like shield with HB before last patch ? PS : we got something like 50 cleanser 2/s - 5 cleanser 1/s and 0 cleanser 4/s
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