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  1. My mate bought an item off of another guy, he wasnt able to sell the item after he purchased it, it was grayed out, he bought the item for 15 million gold, and was planning to sell it to another friend, but was unable for reasons we are unsure about, is there any way to revert the weapon or make it marketable again?
  2. I'm not sure if I read something about DD2 or about a different game but I remember it saying something how, it will be a lot harder to get full XP on launch which I hope is the case because I don't like that people Harbinger farm for 25-30 Mins and have 1-2 lvl 50's. Although its a lot harder when you get boosted to lvl 50 cause no one will take you under their arms and care for you, so you being lvl 50 and having an iPwr of 20 isn't that easy to get out of besides on relying on your lvl stats.
  3. Although it has a lot of maps for the Alpha Version, I feel like unless they add a lot more maps during full release which i'm pretty sure will be the case but will help keep the "Alpha" player base still want to play the games, I just feel having 4 Level 50's their just isn't a lot of replay-ability map wise, it usually just ends up me searching for people who are capable of doing NM4 Incursion for gear, and then playing Life-roots/Gates for a long time, Yeah I don't have to do it but its just the best way for gear and their really isn't a point in playing lower tier maps just wasting time if
  4. I feel like the populations in both Tavern and the Town both lack, It annoys someone like me who joins a server/lobby with around 4-7 people and sometimes even less, and me having to result in exiting and rejoining to be able to either find people group with talk to, and I guess some other community aspects you can think of, I'm not sure how it will run with that amount of people but I feel like the lobbies are to small, Well For me at least.
  5. First off, I like the idea of the Gems, to be able to buy outfits, tickets, etc... But please never add the ability to either: Buy Weapons, Gear, Levels, Perks, Spheres, Or just anything in general that can change your character due to you having spend money on the game (besides clothing). I have no clue if this was ever brought up before, but the reason why I bring it up is because 90% of most free to play games have that aspect to be able to buy "Premium" gear and such. and PLEASE, NO PREMIUM XP Boosts, or even Premium in general!
  6. But the community voted for a full wipe on release no? or has that changed? I know they did a wipe way back in July is that what the influence vote was for?
  7. So if I were to spend $50 on the Collector's Edition, and I were to receive the outfits along with the 10k Gems, From what I've heard you receive the 10k right away, I wanted to know if I were to spend this 10k in the game, when it's launched do I receive the 10k again? and if not would I be able to save the 10k for launch? even after the full wipe?
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