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  1. Various times, day and night. That could account for some of it, but its literally every single player in every game that complains. I dont think its that.
  2. Hello! My internet is fine. I live in London, up and down speeds are great, no issues. I can join other players games no problem, no lag, no issues. BUT.. Everyone who joins my hosted game complains of heavy, unplayable lag? Literally everyone. I am playing fine with no lag. Any ideas? Router settings or ISP setting or something? I can't work it out
  3. Mine transferred as 90% (it was a good one before)
  4. I actually liked both DD1 and DD2, which appears to be an opinion that isn't widely held. People seem to be one or the other. I didn't like the DD2 end-game format, but otherwise liked everything else about it. Obviously I could pick holes, but overall it was good. I'm happy with the DD1-style direction of DDA, as long as the content and effort is continued to be applied, its all good. Having survival back is so nice. My only slight disappointment coming into DDA from DD2 was the lack of polish. DD2 looked better visually, felt better, hundreds of small QOL touches and details just made the game feel more premium to me. DDA feels like a relegation in that regard. I am guessing that's because CG needed to create a whole new game with the resources they had, and as quickly as possible. I'm pretty hopeful that future updates will deal with that point. DDA certainly doesn't suck, nor did DD2 imo. Just different.
  5. Thanks for the update. Updates are good :) Kind of in limbo until the tool happens, but not a lot you can do about a flooded office, and even the permanently-angry-gamer types will find it hard to find fault with that (they'll certainly try no doubt though :)) Sounds like a sensible plan.
  6. I love the Omega waves :) I'm stuck on Floor 69 too, for a few days anyway, but I only play an hour a day. Its nice to have a new challenge, something to think about. That moment when it all goes tits up on Wave 6 is really frustrating, but we can't have it all ways, the new content is coming quickly, they listen to our comments. Give them a break :) We've had Cannon Ogre's, Pirates, High Roller Lanes (love these!), Omega Waves, new maps.... yeah there's always more, I could write a list as long as my arm, but its still pretty awesome imo.
  7. Thank you all. One last question. So if I add 174 caps onto my 140 basic to make 314 points, and I revert down from asc800 to about 300. Do I then have to grind all the way up to like Asc 1000 just be able to use them all?
  8. OK thanks, so in that case I have +174 for each category. How is that 174 distributed among the options? I'm assuming I can't just put all 174 into Defense Speed, for example :)
  9. I may finally be giving in and resetting (still TBC!). The only point as far as I can see is for the talent caps. Apparently it tells me I have 174 caps, how are these distributed? I presume with a standard hero its split 3 ways bewteen the 3 groups (so roughly 60 each in my case)? But then how are they split between the various things within each group? For example: Huntress, middle grouping: PDT damage, default 140 cap Defense Rate, 20 cap With 60 points, what is attributed to each?
  10. Hello I've seen a sheet posted that states which tiers each mods drops from.... can someone re-post the link? Thanks in advance
  11. Use Destructive Pylon in Bees instead... due to its range and versatility you can buff virtually everything else on the map, stacks with Mass Destruction also.
  12. ability to quick-scroll through all heroes during build phase, not just 4
  13. I don't think in a game like this you can or should bypass the grind, but I think what's missing in DD2 is a clear purpose of the grind. Grinding for grinding's sake is a soul-less task, and however much we all love the game, it has its limits. The current purpose, as much as you can define it, is far too marginal, and far too linear to have any real meaning. We carry on because we don't want to abandon a game we love, but we've essentially all completed DD2 once the 80+ floor mark is passed, even just once. It's like the end of a map when all that is left is to press G, but you can run around and make/sell towers if you want to, shoot nothing if you really want to, but its meaningless. I also don't think that it "is the riddle for all video games". Counterstrike isn't about grinding at all. Practice, yes, endless practice if you want to be any good, but practice is a means to an end. Grinding, in DD2 currently, is not. I played CS (1.6/Source, bit of GO) for about 10 years, and fell in and out of love with it many times over that period, and can't help but feel that although the games are utterly different, DD2 is just a few tweaks away from being just as addictive. It has so much, but TE has never quite nailed that thing that takes it from being a great game, to being a truly great game. I haven't put as much time into a game since my CS days as I have with DD2, which says a lot (busy job, 3 kids!). It just needs a real purpose, something people really want. That means a mix of status, gear, stats, social hierarchy, ranking, things players can reference and say "WOW, that guy's a DD2 GOD!". Maybe I'm assuming everyone is as shallow as I am :), but players want to compare, rank, over-take etc. That isn't really done now. An online database could show - for example - Top100 Champion Scores, or Top100 Weapons, and whilst that would be a fun addition, it's not enough. I've long felt new modes are needed. A PVP one (with associated stats, leagues, etc) would be great. So many maps are almost symmetrical, it could easily be done. For example: 2 opposing players in a single map (for this purpose lets use Throne Room, tweaked slightly to be perfectly symmetrical). They can't hurt each other. Crystals have 2 sets of health. One that reduces when the mobs in Player 1's lanes (half of the map) do damage, the other set for Player 2. Players can damage all mobs, even from other players lanes (that would make for interesting builds). It has to be hard and waves have to be substantially harder each time (not like the modes now). Effectively, play ends when a Crystal's health is zero from one of the players. Or, when the waves are up, in which case highest health wins. The result is a clear ranking system that would open up a whole new set of statistics and enthusiasm for the game. The reason for all that grind is now tangible and attractive: I can increase my ranking. It would open up a whole new world of strategies. It would test players defenses, builds and heroes to their limits. It would mean players desperately defending when it gets in the latter stages, again opening up a new set of strategies and discussions. A simple chess-style ranking system would work best (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_rating_system). Players would really want to work hard and grind hard to get a better ranking.
  14. More Chaos tiers for Expeditions would be a massive time sink for content with which pretty much all players in C7 gear would be done by day 1. Expanding on these modes is not the way to go, new modes are the way to go. I agree if you are talking about adding standard Chaos tiers, but Chaos 8 is different, because you can't just grind Expeditions and get all the C8 gear you need in a few hours. Chaos 8 Amps are super-rare, and even then you need 6 of the damn things to fully max out a single relic. Having a truly Chaos 8 Expedition (and my point depends on the rarity remaining as it is now) would actually be extremely hard for almost everyone, because the mobs would be set at a difficulty level relevant to the C8 stats, which no-one has across all their gear (I don't think). Having maxxed out C7 gear, plus some AP, plus some very good MODS, would get you through a wave or two, but to beat it would be very hard until you had enough C8 gear. Either way, I'd prefer Endless, I'm just mentioning this method because I would imagine its relatively low in development time, and therefore could be implemented quickly, giving people a new challenge and a way to get into hard games instantly.
  15. I couldn't agree more (with the original post), I talked about it here For me, the game is fine, its just needs a method of playing the game that's very difficult for powerful players, but in a way that's much quicker to access than high-floor Onslaught. My idea was Endless mode, but I am sure there are others. Currently the "casual" modes of playing (Expeditions, Incursions, etc) extend only up to C7, its way too easy for many players. I guess another method would be to make harder levels of Expeditions? C8 exists now, so that could be added. Or maybe some form of Nightmare Hardcore (from DD1) that turbo-boosts the difficulty, but increases experience and rewards? We definitely need the addition of something that's hard enough, that we can play quickly.
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