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  1. I guess just replying to this is entering? Then im in.
  2. It is simple after your runs you just have to restart your Dungeon Defenders. Just exit the game and go back on and its fixed. It happens all the time when people buy lab runs. It is normal to not be able to do anything but shift + tab.
  3. Try changing your game quality. Your quality might be too strong for your computer. If its at lowest check your game cache.
  4. 8 Cubes if not too late
  5. Thank you everyone for participating in the auction but Coffeediction has won the auction ending with 97 cubes. Congratulations.
  6. Was the glitch in here fixed? It was where you ran across the fence on the top left of the map and you go flying into the air and can walk into the spawn area of the enemies?
  7. just work your way from deeper well - glitterhelm on survival. same with all the dlc maps along with city in the cliffs and talay. you don't need diamonds and you could look in shops for any of the hard pets like goblin cupid, pet rocks, etc.
  8. I been in a few Tavern Defense matches and wondering why the rockets could shoot through the walls in Tavern Defense. Another thing is the room where the host can only get to in your tavern is still accessible to get into during Tavern Defense.
  9. manshon0123

    Item Check Thread

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661800501 Ult++ I need IC please :)
  10. I honestly think it should be removed from ranked and open. Just saying. :)
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