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  1. I see no link of where this was obtained. This was certainly not dropped in-game. I would say it is fake. Or some of that modded gear on Open. Thanks for the explanation Captain Obvious. xD
  2. Monk with ~300k DPS. 88-89% on all resists. Genie pet and roughly 3,5k HP. aaron576
  3. However some companies use this to get cheap labour with no intention of hiring them at the end of it. Even so, the worker gets the experience, wich ends up being good for him.
  4. I am also interested in trollin the trolls (troll canibalism) Is there anything better than trolling trolls? Just as Finally said, where can I apply?
  5. I'm not gonna cry about the nerf to the loot with splitscreen, anyone could have seen it coming. BUT, I'm gonna ask you something, TE, why are you also punishing the people that are not abusing it? If this comes from the virtual xbox controllers (almost everyone knows about them already), why not just make it so splitscreens players gotta MOVE(not be pushed) before the start of a new wave? It might be harder than the fix you are using right now, but, you know, you'll wipe any virtual xbox controller. And will allow people that actually play splitscreen with other players to play as they have
  6. Well, tons of people are in fact angry. The reason? Whenever steam disconnects, trendy drops us. I would highly recommend removing steam reliance from this game. To be honest I don't have any idea about why is it there in the first time. Is it against piracy? Because if so, maybe do it so it's a one-time check, and then, no matter if it disconnects, don't drop the players. Thanks for reading, would be nice to know what the other members of the community and, if possible, some members of the staff, think about this.
  7. Oh, and thank you for the screenshot narrative! I was too busy freaking out that our crystal might suddenly explode to take any sort of cohesive screenshots. I would kill for a screenshot of the DEW's health at over 1 million hit points, however. I saw them out there, but they didn't live long. They COULDN'T live long... Nice trolling? DEW's hp gets up to 200k. And yes, I've also done insane mix survival up till wave 25. Actually I also found this ****ty shop-loot when I finished it. TL;DR: Shop-loot for insane mix survival 25 is ****. DEW get to 200k hp(4man).
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197991239782/screenshot/596954956146235181 Obviously not accepting mana :)
  9. It is. As an example to it, I'm gonna point at DoTA (For anyone who doesn't know, DotA is a MAP in the game Warcraft 3). Some time ago, they made a reconnect tool so that you could connect back to the game if you lagged out or something. If it can be made by a map of a game, why can't it be made by a game?
  10. Without a doubt my favorite contribution is the web based strategy tool. It allows us to easily make the theory of a build, without the need of entering the game to show it to the rest of the players. Although it's just theory (you never know how it'll turn out until you try), it really helps out. P.S: [Insert history of a dying familiar to ensure win](It's an old trick :P)
  11. Oh i'm so sorry, one spelling error. u mad bro? 1. They are not Races. 2. Writing "u mad bro?" automatically makes you someone who is not worth paying much attention to.
  12. You get the achievement for seeing all four endings and the ending that plays is based on the one who dealt the final blow to the boss. More often than not this is going to be a huntress :\ Easy solution for that: Play private on Easy. Put 4-5 MM towers on each of the places the boss lands. Swap to the hero you want to get the achievement with. Profit.
  13. i need to find a trick to getting faster IP... this 60-80 IP per match isn't working lol Winning usually helps :P
  14. His steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198036340361/ Proof about him hacking IN RANKED: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197991239782/screenshot/596954956053996418 Someone else wanted to report, but it looks like he didn't have the proofs, so I'm doing it.
  15. show me one the has the rank loggo thing on it? u cant really prove or disprove it can u? all u have is your word so unless he ****s up again or you show a pictture the has the rank logo on it i doub trendy will do anything all im saying http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197991239782/screenshot/596954956053996418 Are you happy now? P.S: Use that picture if you wanna report him, it clear that it's on ranked (you can see half of the logo)
  16. To be honest, I was half supporting the OP, half against it. Now, with that ridiculous thing of "not allowing people with the DLC in our games" thing, it has been made clear that he's either trolling or just not thinking too much about what he writes.
  17. Take your post-modern relative garble elsewhere. If you don't like my words, then man up and find a "logical" way to prove what I am saying wrong. This whole whiny, "its just your opinion and all opinions are different" nonsense needs to diaf. Not all ideas/opinions are created equally. Some are in fact stupid and logically fallacious. Check this out. here is an example. person 1 (aka wrong) premise: Trendy should give me anything they make and not sell it as DLC because that's not nice! problem. What reason/fact/proof do you have that Trendy should a. care about being
  18. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Keep it civil, or I bring out my ban hammer. Still wanting to know if anyone has found any link to anything that would indicate this specific DLC would cost or be free. My forum searching skillz are letting me down, I'm certain there is an answer :( This will not be stickied. What could this honestly bring to the community? http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/7384/patchnoteslie.jpg Well, they were added as a part of the patch. NOT as a DLC. I think it is like stating it would be free. Maybe I missunderstood? P.S: Screenshot is not mine, it wa
  19. I just registered to make a similar idea, and you beat me to it :D Just have a "release all" button, that you can press whenever you feel comfortable that you can handle the rest of em. I would love that... Pure strategy, App guardian + Monk Guardian. Electric aura. I win because i have all the map electrified and it doesn't matter if 2 or 3k survive, I've only used 8 DU to wipe out arround 5k mobs. Or on survival, it would mean no archers, summoners or ninjas that are not electric resistant. And we all know, the dangerous ones are the poison resistants... damn anti-slow *******s D:
  20. Because let's face it, it's by far THE best hero skill in the entire game bar none. In fact, it's the entire reason DPS huntress are the way they are. It's everything you could ask for - amazing scaling, extremely low cooldown, CHEAP cost, and useful in all situations. In fact, it really boggles my mind that circular slash is still the way it is right now. I can't find a reason to press circular slash in any situation and I can't find a reason to stop mashing my PS button. I propose either buffs to every other hero skill with no changes to difficulty or nerfs to PS with reduced difficul
  21. To be honest, I don't really care about selling it. As things are, I'll win money even if noone buys it. But someone might be interested in a melee weapon, so I'm willing to sell it. P.S: Are you sane? Why would I ever put multi-shot to a melee weapon? That, good sir, would be ****ing the weapon up.
  22. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197991239782/screenshot/596954923468158332 Make your offers ^^.
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