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  1. I'm stuck at floor 30 onslaught and i was wondering about a few things. The defenders i use are the monk, eve, and dryad. I try to put on dmg, and speed of atk mods on their towers but it just doesn't seem to be enough. So my question is what mods are best for those three defenders? I've tried a few different things but can't seem to find the combo i need.
  2. I've got another question. How does this defender pack system work? It says you can get one doing your highest level of onslaught, but after about a dozen runs on floor 10, which is as far as i have gotten, i have not seen one yet. Are they just really rare, or am i misunderstanding what it means by your highest level in onslaught?
  3. Okay, great. This helped a lot. Thanks again everyone.
  4. Thanks for all of the advice everyone. I have one last question. Regarding the "mule" system. So i need to put all of my best gear on this one character for better stuff to drop, but does that mean using that character as my active one during the waves as well?
  5. So it has been about a year since i played the game, and a lot has changed so i figured there would be a ton of new stuff for me to do. However I have run into a bit of a problem. I get wiped out right away in almost every mission. I have been lucky and gotten into some chaos 4 runs to get some better gear, but even then my defenses are only doing a fraction of other peoples stuff. I cannot even do more than the first 7 or so onslaught floors before my strongest walls get broken on wave one. Is there something I need to do or somewhere i need to go to get stronger items, or is it just farming
  6. Okay, thank you very much, i'll add that to my safe senders list. Honestly, i don't know what is going on with my email lately, been having all sorts of weird issues like this with emails.
  7. So I signed up for the newsletter a while ago and have not once gotten it in my email, not even in the junk mail. I had steam doing this same thing and for some reason I needed to put the email they use in safe senders list to get an email from them, like it was just deleting them instead of putting it in junk mail even though i don't have my email set up to do that, checked several times and it's not set to delete anything I don't manually tell it to. I think DD2 might be doing the same where it's just deleting the emails they send to me, but I don't know what emails they use to add it to my
  8. Thank you for the reply iamison. I really enjoy the game when i can get a group going, and loved the first one too. Hope the system gets better or some new system is added to it so it's easier to join others, if I can just get a group whenever I want then I will probably play for hours on end lol
  9. Add proper matchmaking, or go back to the DD1 format for joining games. Seriously, I am at the point where I need to do NM 3 or 4 to get higher gear lvls so I can actually progress my character, but cannot get a damn game going. Regardless of which level, or mode, or even difficulty, quick join puts me in a match by myself 90% of the time. And I am not going to wait for who knows how long for someone else to actually join, just so I can run the content in the game. I want to play your game guys, I really do, but I do not want to play by myself and none of my friends play the game. Know what
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