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  1. I feel like there can only be so much more waiting for balance and content to actually go through. At this rate the community will be dead or gone by the time it actually goes through
  2. I have to say you have already made me sad Isom. You just confirmed it will be a 45 min commercial ad. There is so much that can be covered in an hour and the focus is only going to be 2 things? A new hero and how you can get the hero? Oh, there's a special smoothie section: Banana vs. Mango. Very heated internally. I think there's going to be an Influence Vote going up about it after the stream. ;) more of a banana guy but i perfer balance over smoothies :d
  3. Guy 1: here is the abyss lord! Guy 2: woah! *explains all the cool things about abyss lord for 10mins* Guy 1: and look at this cool map we made for him! We plan to make more maps like it, dont have an ETA yet Guy 2: they talked about it at the meeting Guy 1: smoothies Guy 2: look at this cool thing abyss lord can do Guy 1: you can buy him for 4000 gems its an experiment Guy 2: we plan to have more balance changes and content soon tm
  4. I have to say you have already made me sad Isom. You just confirmed it will be a 45 min commercial ad. There is so much that can be covered in an hour and the focus is only going to be 2 things? A new hero and how you can get the hero? Gems?
  5. Im looking forward to 30 minutes of abyss lord hype
  6. You are my favorite person on the forums, gobu
  7. I have an idea. Huntress: guns. add slower firing "rifle" types, pistols and such. Charge up effects vary based on the gun/bow, some do a penetrating line shot, some do massive single target damage, some do aoe, etc.  Squire: different types of weapons with different attack patterns and combos. Instead of 3 fast swings, a mace might do 2 powerfull swing combos and do AOE damage. dual weilding small daggers attack faster and apply bleed damage but do less overall and are closer range. Mace/ daggers/ 2 handed sword/ clubs Monks: add different archtypes of weapons. glaives, spears, poles, staffs, numchucks. Make each interact differently. For a spear, make it slower attack at a longer range, and piece X targets in a line and make it able to be thrown instead of the monks other attack. Make poles have a chance to stun, attack faster. glaives can block attacks and penetrate enemy armor. Apprentice: add wands and themes staffs. keep the firing patterns randomized, and make more staffs with different themes. A earth staff is designed with twisted tree bark and leaves on it. Electric staff looks electricy. But also add one handed wands that fire differently and can have different effects when they are charged up. Charging a fire wand shoots a fireball dealing AOE damage. Charging an ice wand creates a slowing field of ice. Make all of them look cool and give a "wow! this wand is badass!" effect. Overall just add diversity and player options when looking for what type of weapon suits them best. Sorry for the wall of text, i just brainstormed some stuff Edit: I'd like to see a decision for each weapon based on map. When i go to play a certain map or a certain lane, would i rather have a slowing aoe wepon? a heavy single target dps weapon? instead of a "this one bow does everything" why not "i have multiple options"
  8. Now you leech in some nm4 incursions without saying anything, equip blue and green gear with high Ipwr, upgrade it until you are Ipwr 700. Then you farm gold in hard maps and spin the carnival wheel until you are uber. Assuming i dont want to leech anything and want to progress normally What is my path?
  9. What do i do now? There are millions of options for stuff. Do i just do every level in a row starting from end game going up difficulties or whats the "progression" Im also leveling up other heroes but just wondering
  10. I still play because im addicted to DD1 and i crave more D:
  11. Things i miss the most are: Unique strategy Challenges with unique loot Trading I really liked the gear leveling system of DD1
  12. I don't think you understand just because every other game is fine doesn't mean your connection to DD2, your isp, or any number of other factors can't make it your fault you lag on this game Dont be so rude
  13. I feel like the boost xp or something then the first level 50 i allready a huge grind 70 would be impossible for any casual player
  14. I'm going to have our team talk more about this soon, but you hit the nail on the head. It ultimately comes down to having very limited ways of "winning," which is leading to stale gameplay. It's a multi-faceted issue from a variety of factors. The current Tower Defense gameplay is unbalanced due to a variety of systems making certain towers undeniably better than others and the other towers not being in a competitive state. (In regards to system refinements: When we say that everything is on the table for improvements, we mean everything. We're looking at every system in the game to refine.) Heroes right now don't have strongly defined "roles" with strengths and weaknesses. Design is creating new heroes to have more defined roles with strengths and weaknesses, and we're planning to loop back to the four current heroes and update them to have more defined roles (I think we'll be talking more about this when we talk about the Abyss Lord in the next update). Enemies also don't encourage the strength/weakness idea of heroes, so that's something the design team is also investigating this year. I believe we're going to begin with enemy tweaks and move on to adding new enemies to the mix. So the overall idea is that you as a player will be able to select four heroes from a large pool of heroes. Your deck, like all decks, will have strengths and weaknesses, and it's up to you to figure out how to complete content knowing what those strengths and weaknesses are. It's about getting the game to state of balance where defenses are competitive with each other. It's about getting the game to a state where there isn't one obvious path forward to completing content -- that there a vast variety of deck configurations that will work. I might be one of the few but i don't mind the hero deck. It somewhat forces you to try to play with other people. Its a multiplayer game not a "i have 14 max level characters and solo everything" game. Thanks for replying by the way
  15. Why stray so far from the glory of DD1? It was super fun with strategy setups and a trade system, cool weapons and challenges (those challenge mode maps were fun as hell) Now we have 10 tiers of the same map and a grind for the same loot with different stats and no strategy. I dont get it
  16. Sorry i can't really contribute anything but i have a question: What pet abilities are considered the best? Are there some i should look for over the others? Thanks
  17. Is it possible to use an abiliy power/dps apprentice? Im still leveling up but thats been my favorite back in the day
  18. I'm debating buying the skin I bought the collecters edition (was a huge fan of DD1) and i still have 8k gems im sitting on so why not. Not like theres much else to do with gems
  19. Wondering if the "meta" is the same as it was around september? Dps cannon squire still the best for soling along with HP squire for walls, and the occasional tesla+water trap? anyone mind telling me new strats that are good? If any?
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