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  1. So if I didn't spend any money and only have four heroes, I can't build with all of them? I think what you mean is that the HD changes have no effect on those that didn't spend any money, because all of their heroes already fit in the deck. Exactly. Thanks for elaborating more. I myself spent some gems to get more hero slots (I think we should be able to use defender medals to unlock hero slots), and having a blockade squire, tower squire, trap huntress, tower monk, tower apprentice, frosty apprentice and a dps huntress already fill more than the ammount of hero slots I have, which forces me to have a huntress constantly switching her equipment to fill both roles and forget about using a dps character if I want to use traps. With the addition of more heroes and more builds, this will just get worse. That's why I think hero slots should be unlockable with defender medals (and gems, we should have both options), or it will become totally pay2win. Weirdly I thought everybody was exaggerating with the P2W (which it isn't in my opininion). I actually already own 3 DLC's for the game, and I did pay these with pleasure as I enjoy the game so much it is worth the investment. But you opened my eyes that DD2 is a little P2W, as you have to unlock hero slots to be able to do everything solo. I'm at 10 level 50 chars, so yeah I bought a lot of slots and I can build any level fine now that the Hero Deck cap is gone. Is this fair compared to non paying players, probably not. I don't mind that paying customers get a time advantage or skins, but with the hero deck uncapped, it became a little unfair towards free players. I say a little as it would block a Hardcore player, but a Hardcore player won't mind paying a few bucks to unlock more slots. Every Hardcore player I've met has 10+ chars.
  2. Guys, Please devs would it be possible to remove the notification for every summon of the abyss lord. God, it is annoying to see "Abyss stone summoned by xyz" every 5 seconds on my screen. Or at least give us the option to disable the notifications for abyss lords. I can only image this getting worse when you have more abyss lords playing. Sincerely Thanks
  3. I agree with you, grinding for best SHOULD be required and SHOULD not be quick. But I also think Trendy should go the MMORPG lootstyle. Every map should have the possibility to drop a unique weapon/armor/relic. They should even add "sets" like if you own 3 pieces you get this boost. This would mean a lot more playtime on the other maps which are useless now. Why would you play any other map, except for Gates, Harb, Betsy and Ramp. I might be alone on this one, but I loved the fixed loot tables of WoW where I knew there was a chance our raid dropped a good item for my char, limited to my role (tank/dps, whatever) I loved the fact that it took weeks to have the correct set and that epics were "harder" to get. In DD2 they throw legendaries at you way to easily. Before you reach 50 you can already be decked out in legendaries. I know only the real grinders (hardcore) will like this, and that it is not for the Casual players but there should be a difference between HC and casual players. I was extatic when I saw my first legendary drop and was "OMFG I'm so lucky", and then I was like, ow ok they are just very common. Top End game gear should be like arma or Cleanser drop wise, very rare. Another thing about this, people love to boast with what they have. You can show off your arma or cleanser, but you can't you gear, so there should be skins for specific armor drops. WoW tool a wrong turn where you had armor that was so huge it became fugly, but you have to admit the wings (Malefic Raiment) were fantastic to show off.
  4. A map maker would be awesome, where you would be able to vote on the end of the map and even donate a few gold pieces to the creator for the hard work. An ingame friend list, as I don't want to add strangers to my steam list, as afterwards I get popups that they are playing other games, which I don't care for. A party chat in tavern, as now you have to use the general chat When in party, add names of people on character, It is annoying to be in the tavern and have invited a bunch of people, and not be able to know who has joined and who not. When in tavern and in party, you should be able to remove people from the party (kick)
  5. I don't mind the hero deck, It pushes people to do multi instead of only solo. I would like a map builder so the community would be able to create maps, which would mean new content every few days. You would have the ability to vote on your favourite community map and even donate a few gold pieces to the creator of the map. Top map could get a special boss with special boss loot, but this should than be implemented by Trendy.
  6. First of all, I think DD2 is still a good game with a few problems. Mind you I'm not veteran in DD2 (play since octobre 2015) nor did I play DD1.There is one thing I'd like to point out, hardcore players are a pain to satisfy. They finish playing the new content in a few hours/days, something a dev can't compensate by creating new content every week. Though I defend Trendy a bit, I also see some problems with the game. 1- Lobby hopping is really not fun certainly not when you hit the matchmaking error, they should do something about it. I know they shortened the matchmaking error, but not in lobby. I've also seen on some screenshots that maybe they will add a matchmaking system to end the lobby hopping issue. 2- Maps, well, some are great, some are bad. I actually only play 3 or 4 maps. Harb as it is very easy, the first NM4 inc map, carnival (but that is to use the tickets), and ramparts inc (for the darn armored cleanser, even if it has been nerfed) but on this last one I barely find players. 3- Loot, I'd honestly like to see more bosses with unique loot. A bit like Malt from Ramp inc, where you have a chance to drop a good bow. This would be an incentive for hardcore players to grind maps. 4- I'd love to see a game only friend list, it's not cool to have to add people to steam. I mostly don't care to see people play other games as these are not IRL friends. Create guilds, groups or whatever 5- No trade system or marketplace system. Don't have to explain this one. This will bring the goldsellers which is annoying. 6- A way to review players (Good builder, good DPS, average builder, average dps) Yes you always have stupid people that would give you a bad review even if you are a good builder. But honestly, the good builders that are also nice people, don't exceed 10 people I've played with. I've seen some exceptional builders being complete jerks to people that didn't deserve it. When I started playing this game I tried a onlsaught map and joined an existing game with 2 players. All was already build and upped, so nothing to do. I looked around and dps'd a bit and got kicked, I rejoined thinking it was a disconnect, they let me play 2 round and right before the reward, they kicked me again. I rejoined and asked why, they never answered and let me stay again 2 rounds, and kicked me again right before reward. So you have exceptional/good people and than you have the others :D An excellent feature would be a map builder. Create a map builder for the masses. People would build the maps, and players can review them, vote and even give a little gold if they think the map is cool or good. You would get very good maps voted to the top. The hardcore players would always have new content, and new challenges, you would attract people that like to create maps, free content for Trendy (profit). Like always not everyone will agree with everything as everybody has it's own opinion, and is entitled to one, this is mine :)
  7. Possible, the annoying thing here obviously is that it was there in my bag, and suddenly it wasn't. I'm curious to know, if this happened to others, and hope it won't happen to others. As it is a dissapointement.
  8. Hi, During a round of harbinger, I noticed a Dragon egg with some sort of green pumpkin logo in my bag. It seemed special as It didn't rot. I moved it to another bag, so I would not lose it. I continued a few round of harbinger, and returned to tavern only to discover that the egg is gone. I was thrilled about the idea of having a new pet, but alas :( edit:typo
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