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  1. The real reason something will need to be done ultimately about shards is that there are still more they are going to release and if you eventually wanted to have 2 full different sets of shards for four characters you'd have over 100 shards that weren't equipped. Of course you could have them all stored on alternate armor pieces but even that is 36 inventory slots and an even bigger pain to try and sort/find them. While I think shards were preferable to having to get armor to drop with perfect passives they exploded the inventory problem and hopefully can be moved out of our normal invent
  2. So I came back to the game after 10 months of not playing and have been trying to get on the path to progressing in the chaos tiers. One problem is now since pets are counted in inventory, my large pet collection is taking up almost a whole bag. Would people recommend that I just get rid of all my common pets or should I keep one of every pet in-case they give them different abilities if they ever redo them. ? I think I'm up to four of some of the mythical pets, and at this point I probably should start selling some of those too. I hesitate in case they make them hugely different when they
  3. It's funny but I could have made a post very similar to yours. I have not played as much since coming back but have had a similar experience of coming back after I stopped last July. I was waiting on the legendary strategic revamp, and came back to a bit of a confusing mess. I figured posting on here might help get more attention to the issues. I agree that, in concept, shards are the solution for gear that most easily works with the inclusion of lots of new characters. At the same time I think making it mostly random is a major step back. Just browsing the forum I saw a post by someone
  4. Your old gear will give you a good start, but is no where close to end game tier now. Lots has changed, including some basic things like tower range getting reduced while monsters no longer agro against most towers (walls still agro, and some special troops will still target defenses). Passives are also gone, so you really need shards which are dropped at the end map chest. Different difficulties have different shards, so you will want some of the early ones even though you can beat those difficulty levels pretty easily. Loot is different now too - your gear depends on your best equipped char
  5. So I finally figured out the changes to the hero deck that confused me, but I'm left with an inventory completely in chaos and have no idea if anything is worth keeping. is all old gear useless at this point? with the new chaos levels will I just be replacing all my old stuff really quickly anyway?
  6. So I haven't played since last summer and now I loaded in and was completely lost. the hero deck seemed to be way different and it was only showing me 4 heroes when I had bought extra cards last time. I had likes 6 or seven level 50s and was almost able to do nightmare 4 last time but now it's really unclear what I should go do especially if the other characters are missing. Is there some option I'm not seeing on changing the hero deck?
  7. No one should get to carry over their votes from a previous round. And it won't happen either. iamisom in another thread "Since I know there will be follow-up questions, let me try to answer them all at once: The original intention of the first vote was to only select the winner and put the Lavamancer and Barbarian back into the next vote, but we realized that we needed to design ahead in order to continue our current pace of delivering heroes. So we made the decision to pick the 2nd hero and put the 3rd hero back into vote. From here on out, it's our goal to only pick the winners. Why didn
  8. So I thought about posting this on the similar thread but figured it would get buried. The idea that only one character wins the vote and the other two stay in the pool for the next round seems a bit flawed. Assuming nothing is done to change the heroes that don't win each round, how can they ever be expected to win? I guess they can wait until the new hero that is added to the pool is considered worse than the two losers but the way influence votes are stored makes that problematic. Each new character is likely to get votes from people who haven't voted on the other two for lack of inter
  9. has the plan on what to do with the sphere system solidified at all? Will EV2 have only 4 large slots? What will happen to all the other spheres if they will eventually get phased out? This is really important with regards to ubers since if they get changed to be similar to the price for the Abyss Lord's large price then they are an extreme waste of defender medals at this point.
  10. have they actually confirmed that in a dev stream or post? I mean I know they wanted to move away from the tiny character changes to bigger changes for spheres, but I didn't think they confirmed the removal of the other spheres yet. If it's confirmed somewhere then I guess there is no reason for my post. Also I feel sorry for anyone who buys uber spheres for 5000 defender medals.
  11. So I just started leveling my third abyss lord and I realized that there is little incentive to level playing the actual character because the abyss lord has no medium sphere slots and thus is not efficient for leveling or gold farming. I know it was mentioned that previous sphere setup is possibly being changed. Since we are still getting another new character before the strategic revamp where I assume spheres will be worked out, can we at least get some acknowledgement of a plan or something for experience and gold earning spheres? It just seems clunky to not be able to access them with
  12. I've play a few different F2P games and they all seem to have different policies about refunds for items bought just before a sale. can anyone point me to the info for this game? I bought some bags soon after the release of the abyss lord and then logged on to see them half off today. I'm not really mad, but I was wondering if there was a policy in place for this situation.
  13. I'm a few weeks in and I'm running out of pet spaces. Is there any real reason to keep powerful pets? or should I just sell them to make more room to get mythic and legendary pets?
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