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  1. With the amount of XP we get per win increasing significantly after the patch won't this make the current complaint about ascension reset costs even worse? Currently you can level a new character to 50 in 4ish maps (which is the equivalent of 100 medals) but after we get a TON more xp for doing a C7 map it's possible we could be leveling them in 1-2 maps. Has anyone else taken notice to this yet?
  2. Or you could use flame aura/fissure and not have to worry about defense health in the slightest. (They are very OP in that sense)
  3. Thanks for looking into it [[4370,users]]
  4. I'll have to try farming C2 when I play again later today. Hopefully that google docs sheet is correct and it's just the other site that is wrong.
  5. While I'm not a huge fan of having the ONLY source of information as a 3rd party site (the changes probably should have been listen in the patch notes), Trendy did directly supply that 3rd party tool with the data and it was how it was released to public, so either my (an a few others) luck really is that bad, Trendy accidentally cut it from the drop tables, or there was some other error that causes it to show in the wrong Chaos Tier.
  6. So according to http://dd2tools.com/shards/ the Monk Pole Smash damage shard "Pole Power" drops from C1, I have opened somewhere in the ballpark of 100 C1 shard packs from winning the map since 19.5. Yes I know "RNG is RNG and it's possible that I am just having reeeeeaaaaaalllly bad luck (if I did my math right at 100 packs opened it's a 98.5% chance to have the shard), but my question is if anyone can personally confirm that you yourself have gotten a Pole Power shard and where it was from. I'm starting to think it may have been taken off the loot table on accident just because everyone I h
  7. I'm not saying perfect tower positions don't exist, I'm saying that they take a lot more effort to find than just slapping down an aura. On top of that, if something funky does happen that is out of your control an aura still just uses the same number of charges to deal with the enemies in the lane, a DPS tower MIGHT get destroyed just because an enemy bumped into it on accident.
  8. I'm going to preface this by saying that what I'm about to complain about is not me saying that everything is on fire but rather my perspective on the state of the meta and tower balance. (Which could all be a terrible as I am only progressing through C4 atm). TL;DR - base aura charges scale with the increased damage output of higher level enemies, but dps tower hp does not. Tacking on the fourth tower stat (as a tiny tertiary) to all tower items should fix this. The issue I'm having is the amount of effort required to play with any kind of dps tower vs a fissure or aura. A base flamethrower
  9. I stared to notice while spamming it on bosses. My flamethrowers stopped attacking until I ran out of mana lol.
  10. I had heard that mana bomb used to cause this problem but the patch fixed it... well now whenever I pole smash near my flamethrower towers they stop attacking. It's really quite annoying. Anyone else having this issue?
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