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  1. Sorry haven't been in the forums lately. To busy playing lol. I'm good now. Thanks
  2. I am not sure about what to do after making second steam account.
  3. They also want to know our feedback about "what should be done with towers once you swap heros in the build phase". I personally think that all towers should stay on the map. They should keep a reasonable tower limit and add buffs, to the towers of the heros in your deck.
  4. The dev stream finished not to long ago and I'm pumped about what was discussed. Elliot and Trendy are shining a whole new light to DD2. Announcing quick swapping(heros), no resistant lanes, shared hero deck exp and so much more great news. This is going to bring new life to the game...I wouldn't be surprise if you see the return of a lot of players.
  5. The Monthly rewards are good, but could use a few tweaks. Assuming once the Abyss Lord path is released, defender medals will be rewarded along with gold, etc. I believe the monthly should reward more gold, Wyvern Tonkens, etc and that these could be used to purchase more useful in game items(defender buffs, pet buff, trophies to display). Also add a currency that can ONLY be obtained through completing the monthly mission. With this special currency, players would have an option at a NPC(preferably the Barkeeper) to choose between a few items (gear with unique perks, pets with unique abilities) for that month. Make sure there's is balance in the items, so that if a player makes a certain choice he/she isn't totally screwed(one weapon or pet is OP and making it the only way to beat harder modes), but to help with your unique play style or builds(don't know if this was already the idea with defender medals). I love doing monthlies..I grind them out on PS4 and PC. Video games should reward you with item that help in game for playing, but doesn't make the reward much greater then the other drops..just enough for players that didn't commit to the monthly notices you did and not for the casual players to feel "left out" or that they won't ever be able to catch up.. PS: I spent to much time typing, time to get back to defending...later
  6. As more content, and details are being released, the DD2 community gains more of a idea of what Trendy plans for the future. I'm excited about the direction Trendy is going...previously stating that trading will eventually make it in to DD2. I believe that if trading is involved, it should first be extensive tested in the community before making it to the finally game. It would be wise for Trendy to do so, this allowing them to monitor how players will use the new trading system. I'm sure a lot of defenders are excited about trading..so am I, but if not developed correctly trading could potentially ruin an already solid game. Either way, I believe that thelock system/inventory should be high on Trendy priorities list, especially since trading will be added to the game at some point. I don't mind buying extra inventory space. We're going to need it if Trendy plans to add more heros. Eventually(no time soon) players are going to want to start hording high valued, unusable items (a good item that can't be used for any of your own personal builds, but could trade off for something valued).
  7. Two part question: Is fixing the lock system a priority for trendy right now? If so, is there a estimated time on when this issue will be fixed? Lighting round: Does Trendy plan on adding other game modes before DD2 goes to beta?
  8. Thank you! I think we all feel better knowing something, then not knowing anything at all.
  9. Guessing he is talking about steam communities, not really aware og any ps4 "communities" other than this one, Reddit maybe, but as far as i can find, most forums for ps4 are pretty inactive This is a PS4 thread and I believe he's talking about PS4. Look at previous posts to see how to find them. I joined one, but I was just wondering if there was a really good one. BTW I'm adding everyone's psn now.
  10. Two part Question: Do you guys have plains to rebuild the combat system so that it is possible to play as a dps melee/ hydrid hero in harder difficulties/game modes(Nightmare 4)? If not, how will you encourage players to use the other 3 original heros because everyone only plays as the huntress? Lighting Round: Will the monk ever be able to excel at DPS in DD2? Lighting Round: Are we close to having a date for PS4's Carnival? Lighting Round: Are we close to having a date for when we're out of early access(PC)? PS: I'm tired of playing with only huntrees or everyone one saying you need to a huntree to dps
  11. I feel you brotha...I bought the game sunday two weeks ago and the first night playing I pulled a all nighter and days after getting like 3 hours a sleep. Now I'm pretty much caught up. Just leveling pets, getting last pieces of gear, saving as much gold as possible and waiting on DFC. Might I say that I've played about 11 hours on PC to test the carnival and I can't wait until it gets to PS4. I don't like the fact that we're so far behind PC, especially if you'r a DD2 PS4 streamer.
  12. I joined a huge community, but people don't seem to be active much in this one. What are so good communities to join?
  13. I will be running Nightmare all day starting in a few hours. I just recently found out my mic sucks so I'll use it at a min until my new headset comes in the mail. I'll be starting with a few Nightmare 2's because my DPS hero don't have that good of gear. Feel free to add me Woogi3TheBear but I will be adding everyone from this post with-in the next 3 hours.
  14. What's up guys, this is woogie and I'm a proud owner of DD2 for PS4 and just downloaded it for PC. In-game name: Woogi3TheBear(Both) Favorie Hero: Bad Azz Squire Favorite Tower/Trap: Explosive(Hunter) Favorite Ability: Whirl Wind(App) Add me on both..Only game I'm playing for now
  15. I totally agree with you gunghoe...it is unfortunate that you get lock keys if you didn't need them. Maybe the keys shouldn't be on there, but people complaining about them adding new skins is absurd. The game and the new content is free! Trendy has to feed there family too...don't complain about an optional..non required.. extra customized way to support the game. If $16(about 100 gems=$1) gets you all the golden pets and new skins, I'm with it. As long as they don't start charging for madartory content..and the devs stay active in the community(post on fourm and stream) I'll continue to spend money to support. I already bought about 11,000 gems and I've only had the game since last Sunday, nor have we received DFC yet. ps:PS4 DD2 stand up!!
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