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  1. Yeah, I realize it's beta. I'm not mad that its not working I was just asking if there was an issue that I'm doing wrong. As for the 2nd player, it's just a user on my account. So it will not work with this? The other account must be a psn account? That's pretty messed up and i hope that changes, as we played DD1 on a user account :(
  2. It's still saying "the Playstation network is unavailable for the user attempting to join spilt screen" ????
  3. Hi, I'm new here so this may have been discussed elsewhere but is anyone else having issues playing multi-player split screen? I bought the beta ($14.99) yesterday cause my son and I LOOOOOOOVED DD1 but I can't seem to get split screen to work. It's saying that player 2 needs a psn account in order to play. Surely this isn't the case? Thanks in advance.
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