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  1. [[94093,users]] "Squire well he actually increases the damage from other sources (defenses) that alone is millions dps trade of worth" What do you mean by that?
  2. EV2 laser and Big Boy destroys AL and every other class.
  3. Ok I managed to replicate it on ramparts ( I got a single archer to 0.03 attack rate and 4mil dps) but still looking into what triggers it.
  4. Dunno that's really wierd. Tried to replicate on gates but it didnt work. Maybe it happens only to ramparts?
  5. constantly killing everything with one shoot and even kill them outside of the map before they leave their safe spawnground is underwhelming? It's friggin one of the strongest towers in the game. Set a builder up with the passivs for it and then switch over to your dps, she just needs to stand next to it and can shoot it anywhere on the map. And yeah this passiv is very neat =). I have killed oger with it by now with one shoot before they even left the spawnground. Try it out really a builder set with speed on it and a dps ev, you will love it. Easily 10-20 times useable per wave. Even more if
  6. The other most definitely do stack. Unless you mean specifically EV2, in which case I don't really know her passives. Ye Im talking only for EV2's passives.
  7. None of the passives that can be found on both weapon and trinkets doesnt work together. Dunno if its a bug or intended.
  8. If by sentry aura you mean monk's boost aura yes, all of them stack.
  9. I want to know too. Mine is 36k with 15/43 upgrades but I doubt if it can go 40k with full upgraded gear.
  10. Its almost sunday and I still dont have extra mission. Cmon guys...
  11. So before the update I was always playing on NA servers without problem but after its almost unplayable.
  12. Well at least that means a builder EV actually has spheres worth using, since the rest of them are worthless... Only the builder spheres are worthless. Dps spheres are OP.
  13. It should be giving extra damage on the proton cannon ability but I see no difference at all. I tried it in both dummies and map.
  14. 1) Find a good central spot in the map from which you can cover most of the lanes. 2)Press 3 3)Spam Cntrl+N 4)GG
  15. [[92157,users]] A few corrections. 1DP isn't worth 5AP. 1DP gives 2.8 damage at direct command (with base stats, no spheres / pasives) 1AP gives 0.8 at direct command. So 1DP = 3,5 AP Abyss Knight damage can critical hit. Abyss stone can critical hit but it needs defense crit chance / damage. ( I know, it sucks) But overall I agree with the not usage of PoW if you are a direct command built.
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