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  1. Well, I did a campaign mission as Giga said. Nimbus Hard. With others. My gear was NM4 and I could solo NM4s with what I had and when I watched my towers that were godly at one point and saw that they were doing nothing to these mobs I just shook my head. So far I haven't seen anything that's been changed for the better and gotrunks712 you're right. they did revamp the whole game. this is NOT the game I left. It's like a completely new game. And I did try a CT1. Was crushed in seconds. I've gone from being able to solo the top endgame to not even being able to do some of the higher up Campaign missions on hard. I feel like the time I spent grinding and coming up with strategies has been ***ted on by the developers.
  2. No, offering to explain doesn't make you an ass kisser. it makes you a decent person. Yes, I expect someone to be nice and explain the mechanics because no one has the time to read through months and months of path notes just to find out how to get skill points to make towers more effective, not to mention that apparently only RELICS gear wise offer tower stats. What I left this game at was manageable yet broken, and it is now utterly tanked. The mechanics are much more different than they were and unnecessarily so.
  3. As I said; No ass-kissers. Any TRUE fan of DD would tell you they ***ed up.
  4. Any chance you could PM me and give me a run down of the new mechanics? Just tried a trial since NMs are gone and got creamed. Level 203 enemies at the start? I checked stats and stat points are gone. Has this thing called ascension and I have none. Level 50 AL and Huntress, Legendary gear, no stat points so they REALLY ***ed up and I need a knowledgeable player to give me a tutorial otherwise I'm shelving this thing again and for good.
  5. I quit playing and testing for this game shortly after AL's release because Trendy was making bad decisions. Lately been bored while waiting to be able to buy into Fortnite so I figured I'd popped back into DD2 and maybe play a few games with old friends, but I just logged in and it's like WTF? All Heroes but my Huntress and Al are gone, was refunded 1M+ from spheres, my Legendary gear I had stocked up for TD stats (because it's a TD game) is now stat'd for hero damage, and now the way to do skills and *** is completely lost on me. So yeah, WTF happened? Can someone that's not a TE ass-kisser please explain what they screwed up and how to manage with it?
  6. I joined that TS server like a month back or something and the only person I really played with was someone I already had on my friend list that popped in there with someone else. The group wasn't actually active. Most of the apparent "elites" just sat in there, some for HOURS, and did nothing. I ended up hitting NM4 on my own and now I run NM4s with a fellow tester. The group's a joke. "Professionals" don't act like children and ignore those seeking help nor would they tell you to do things their way. I even pop in Social and run noobs and others through things be it campaign or NMs and offer advice and such. You guys just want to better your NM4 runs. The group's for personal gain, not the betterment of the DD2 community.
  7. Also NineO_OSix his name is Roboticaust, not robocast lol
  8. It does. They make one move, releasing an OP hero into the game and pricing it trying to get some money because, unknown to the majority of the world apparently, devs can't use your smiles and bull*** to keep a game afloat and this is the fallout for it? I play the game day in day out because I love the game. Yeah, there's *** in here I hate like the drop rate I have and the lack of more maps for modes like Incur and Onslaught but I keep playing because it's fun. And yeah I've put money into DD2 and will continue to do so because 1) I love the game. And 2) Know they're working hard to fix and add *** so yeah, I'll line their wallets. For those wanting to just *** about the same points over and over, here's an idea: STFU and move on. Your constant muttering over things you hate isn't going to help ***. Not the way you do it anyway. As far as AL goes either buy him, grind it out, or just move on. The prices won't stay the same forever. Stop getting butt hurt over your idiotic feelings about something that doesn't even affect most players. And if you're a vet of the game, congratz, but the game doesn't run solely for you. Games need new blood. Not gonna survive off the old forever.
  9. Soooo, DD1 was pay to play with basic gameplay and heroes and all. No problem. DD2 is free to play even with AL having a buy or grind to get option and people are whining? Where the hell is the logic here? With them having to make money to keep going you guys do realize they are also in a legal battle with the creators of ARK, right? Let's try to keep supporting them instead of spouting random BS because someone doesn't wanna grind in a free to play, m'kay?
  10. And Chillex has a point. People gladly paid for DD1 stuff but *** here? Really?
  11. No what guys? Fact is Trendy can charge what they want. Right now AL's way above the others, WAY above, so a high price is reasonable unless you want everyone in the game running around breaking it with AL. Plus those that complain about the grind are most likely people that either don't really play, or have trouble even doing things themselves. And who says the prices are going to stay? They already said starting DM price was 12K then drops to 10K after like a week or two. How about ya just shut it, let Trendy make the game, and just play it? I love it when a game brings in a pay feature for anything useable people have to ***.
  12. I haven't been in this map for a bit. I ran 16 times myself for prizes then another 14 for someone else. Today I got in and was going to run someone else and noticed this. 2 Waves of pie throwers. 2 waves that my towers completely ignored them as you see above. They hit and fired upon everything else mercilessly but these guys they would not budge for. Not sure if this was an existing bug that I just now found or if it came with the update, but I figured I'd post it.
  13. I've had no issue gearing chars for my builds other than not being able to find specific weapons.
  14. I don't know. I haven't played any true RPGs since FF10. The idea came to me from many games that I've played before. Examples; Civ5's policy tree LoL's mastery page LoTR WoTN skill tree Is your point that this game isn't allowed to draw inspiration from other games? I've never played Diablo, but apparently this current iteration on gear in DD2 is pretty similar to Diablo 3 I hear. Who cares. What matters is whether or not it's fun, rewarding, intuitive, and contains replay value. No my point was that while other RPGs have skill trees and such, the grind for gear and levels on other chars still is just that. A grind. So technically speaking grind wise this game is on par with others if not slightly better.
  15. My 1st char took a little over 19 hrs to get to 50 because at the time I started it was the LAST day to get the monthly pet so I grinded Campaign, then 25 straight Incurs with my now run buddy, and then the last bit. At the time I got off to go to bed after having received that zombie betsy look a like I had played 19 straight hrs and was at 48. Then hit 50 in like 2 or 3 Incur games the next day. Then again I never received level boosting so.
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