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  1. I have noticed a problem that whenever someone speaks of having difficulty progressing in the game all the hardcore fanbois immediately spam their post with "go play on hard or medium- Insane is not meant for you" style of posts. Well you don't know human nature. Just because someone plays casually does not mean they will be content with just playing on medium or hard for eternity. They realize they progress slower, but they still want to progress. Furthermore if you only play on hard or medium prepare for a life of constantly getting kicked from groups for having sub par gear. In my opi
  2. Remember the days before internet? Before c64's and nintendoes. When you had nothing better to do, you would go outside and just marvel at the nature or visit beaches and go swimming or watched old good movies and maybe even tried to do something creative, like drawing. Oh how I wish those days would come back.
  3. Nope. Just Chuck Testa. I see what you did there.
  4. New game, old whines. Where have I not seen this one before... nowhere. Next.
  5. sorry my english... I was wondering why play multyplayer if you can solo everything and get the same loot like with 4 people where it takes more effort and time to finish off... they should repatch this so the high ^gear (up to the highest^) only drops with 4 players and on solo there will be only medium ^gear(like up to 26^ on plate and stuff) so multyplayer makes is worth the effort again! DD now kinda feels WOW... get gear get gear get gear... people start to kick you out of a game if you have not certain equipment... maybe Gearscore is not far away And making best gear droppin
  6. I never even knew assault was exploitable before, I just did it the way it was meant to be done. Failing more than few dozen times until I got it right, then STREAK (with occasional failures)
  7. how is your chickens name not feather flocklear and is named egg layer thats a shop chicken not acheivment chikcen Shop chicken? Do say what I need to complete to get such appear in the shop. Halloween on Aneurysm difficulty maybe?
  8. After around 185 hours I had seen it all, done it all, palms sweating for the final achievement to be unlocked and to get this.. poor thing http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970837454/screenshot/596953697694475052/?tab=public So yeah, you can't get rid of them either, let's see who'd have even worse than THIS. Hahaha. Atleast it's yellow. HURRAY.
  9. That's the most depressing virtual item I've ever seen. T.T Yeah, that knockback sure is impressive, for knocking me off my chair when I got it. Worst thing is I can't even drop this thing, and it'll be forever haunting my inventory. I'd just cram it into my tavern corner if I could now.
  10. Bad chicken you say? Haha, see this one. Yeah, this was pre-patch. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970837454/screenshot/596953697694475052
  11. DD is hardly a RPG.. and just because I have the nerve to say it out loud hardly means I'm the only one. DEAL WITH IT. Can't deal with it? get the hell out of the kitchen then. Also, get a life.
  12. Soloed with tower squire build, lots of harpoons, few barricades at ends with slice and dice here and there all over the bridge. Then played the later waves with dps huntress and laying traps in middle of the buildings when the furthest ones were going down despite repairs. Won the challenge with like 5 seconds left.
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