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  1. I shall do that , i just want to kill goblins :(
  2. It just keeps saying cannot connect to the ps servers check You're internet connection, the thing is though ive got fast internet so its not that, iv re installed it 3 times already :( Ive ran out of options
  3. Ive created more then one thread complaining
  4. I still cannot play this game due to a connecting error??????/???
  5. I cannot ! Get in this game. Are the servers down or somthing, i even reinstalled the game, HELP?
  6. I have 4 50s all nm3 ready looking for a group to move up with me, I've a decent Waller and a very good trap huntress for the magic and physical lanes, I also have a monk with purge evil and a decent frost tower mage so I'm all set for soloing, just need help moving up, add me jizum182
  7. Can't wait to be on the same update as pc ! I know it's only been 2 weeks but I didn't sleep for 4 days and completely smashed the game ha hah I just want more content, was just curious is all
  8. Anybody know when ps4 will be getting harbinger and carnival ?
  9. Please make splitscreen inventory better, so I don't need to wait 20mins for my gf to sort her weapons lol maybe make it so we both can access our inventory at the same time
  10. After the update failed I had to reinstall the game and now I can't split screen because it says 2nd player is in a different region......there sat next to me haha Wtf ?
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