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  1. Changing gear around would not cause them to go into the scavenger. Have you checked your other characters to see if they are wearing the items? Or unfortunately you might have sold/deleted/used as fodder in upgrading accidentally.
  2. Everything is not broken, no need to make 3 threads. Compile your issue's.
  3. Mac is not a good device for games. It is normally an afterthought for a lot of developers.
  4. You're banned for dropping a truth bomb so big it hurt my feels.
  5. The Ps4 has the same as the PC we're just 1 Content Update behind. While you're looking just make sure it isn't anything to do with Harbinger or Carnival.
  6. I'm also not going to spend any points as it doesn't matter to me who we get to play next.
  7. Huntress Oil Flasks then Piercing Shot is a quick and easy way.
  8. Weren't the galactic weapons just a reskin? Sorry if i'm wrong, ps4 player here. We have yet to see them.
  9. I like the way it looks and the lore is pretty sweet, just not a fan of the name aha. I don't think it should be a random drop on any map but a specific map. Boss map that has a chance of dropping it. It's too cool to just be lost amoung all the other items we find.
  10. I'm not going to vote on this, I believe it'll be close but they all sound good and i'll be happy with any of them. 101% agree with melee needing a fix.
  11. I do see the point you're making but I don't agree, the influence system is there, so why not use it? You're trying to call it unfair that you want a certain character but people who have played longer want a different one? What's to stop them making a thread pointing out why it should be influence based? Both will have perfectly relevant points and in the end it'll still just be a matter of opinion. It's just to see who will come first, be patient, like you have to be with all other things in this game. You'll get the character you want, eventually.
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