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  1. Um, what the heck are you on about? That does nothing to solve the problem I'm experiencing, nor does it offer any insight on what could potentially be causing it.
  2. The first load into hub and a subsequent run is perfectly fine. Then when the run ends, it gives me a matchmaking error ("Sorry, your request has timed out.") and so I cannot load back into the HUB nor continue into another run. Returning to the menu via console command shows my region as blank, and clicking on going into town results in the same timeout message. Restarting the game reverts the whole process. While it is a temporary fix, it gets hella tiring having to constantly restart the game whenever I want to do ONE run, especially since every time I quit the game after getting the matchm
  3. That's not the point he was trying to make. He's saying that your statement of "Being forced not to be afk because you have to kill or CC specific mobs doesn't count as harder" does not add up. Right now, the game is easy since almost everyone who has an adequately geared tower AL and EV2 can afk maps due to the monotony of mobs being spawned, save for the occasional ogres. Just by being forced to not AFK, it means that the game has gotten slightly harder to the point that there must be hero input or your risk of losing the core or your towers increases. Players needing to kill/CC specific mob
  4. Any ETA on when the model collision and blockade aggro will be fixed? It's annoying when it happens and I just witnessed it happen twice in a row in a bastile inc run. If the ogre turned around and started smacking the back of the blockade since it is...you know, supposed to draw extra aggro from mobs, then at least I don't have to worry about it strutting its style straight to the core, but it doesn't. It just...walks right away from the blockade.
  5. Seems like something major is always breaking with each major patch...
  6. While I like the short 3 waves, the lack of loot dropping during the waves kinda irks me. I do get that it's to stop people from farming on a single wave for all eternity (since the same thing is seen in Harbinger map), but perhaps something else can be implemented on the map to restrict eternal farming that is not a timer like Bling King. Perhaps make it such that the longer you take to down the Demon Lord, the more damage he does with his boulders. This would emphasise the need to maximise the damage from each stun, and still restrict eternity farming since mana dropped eventually won't be a
  7. Doesn't change the fact that you're incapable of realising the tone of your own post. At least I've realised mine. Post digging fascinates me though. It's like people don't have any ammo for their argument so they resort to digging up stuff from weeks/months ago in a vain attempt to support their stand. "I'm rude? HA, you were rude in your post 2 months ago! That means I'm not rude! MUAHAHAH!!!" Also fascinating is the fact that of all the posts since your last one, you choose to pick on just mine and ignore everyone else's, some of whom are calling you out on the exact same thing. Seems my si
  8. Those are some really nice rose-tinted shades you got there.
  9. Y'know, I was just about to ragepost at you, then my sarcasm senses started tingling. Well played sir, well played.
  10. You heard me. The map is not fun to play in the slightest with all these annoying bugs flying around. 1) Majority of loot dropped by mobs are grey rarity. That's right. Grey. In a map with 660-700ipwr. Legendaries are few and far between aside from the end chest. Mythicals and even blue rarity drops are so few so I can't even use this map to farm for fusing fodder. 2) From wave 3 onwards, subsequent waves begin in the middle of the previous wave. As a result, on the final wave, the map ends when there's still numerous mobs around due to overlapping mob counters. While people might applaud thi
  11. Of course it's quantity over quality for these guys. Have y'all forgotten that they retrenched a number of staff earlier this year? Less staff = better productivity! Or so they thought.
  12. It's called an uber sphere for a reason. And explosive traps are still viable when comboed with frosties and SAs. You just need to pay more attention to the lanes.
  13. We all saw this coming from a gazillion light years away. Shoutout to all those who spam-farmed for the gloves, sux 2 b j00!
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