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  1. Looks like I quit at the right time. Tbh I didn't have as much fun with this title as I did with dd1. Nonetheless ran into some good peoples and old friends. Good luck trendy.
  2. Nvm on victory blaze. It adds rather than subtracts burn rate. Go figure...
  3. Not sure how old this post is but here's my two cents. Much like tripwire being good to explosive traps and elementals I've yet to see anyone e here talk about phoenix flame passives. In a trap huntress blaze balloons aren't very good in that defense power and crit is prioritized in that order. However on a separate huntress I've made specifically for balloons phoenix flame flame has great potential. Prioritizing crit damage rather than defense power one blaze Ballon was out dpsing two traps which is what would make sense for tower defense units. Also throw away your phoenix bows. Phoenix Call
  4. A separate stream is a bit much. A good 10 to 15 minutes on there current stream is good enough. But then as soon as ps4 is caught up with pc wouldn't matter.
  5. Gates incursion wave four I place an extra wall on top of the first post dividing the left and middle lanes or on the small hill divIding the right and middle lanes depending on which side wyverns spawn. If your on a waller squire I'd suggest maybe throwing in a sky guard in the back somewhere to help kill em. That usually gets me thru.
  6. I've always used a dps toon with my setup.I've always left out my tower monk just cuz he's my least geared. I can solo it with my squire by swapping a frost tower with a wall placementwhen I reach wave 4 to hold wyverns back. Problem with end game maps that make it so difficult is it requires your attention at multiple locations. Gates map everything is within reach.
  7. The gates nm4 incusion is the easiest map for me to solo personally. Walls, traps, frosties, and dps toon. Add me I can show you psn freestylnmonkey. There's liferoot too but a waste of time currently with drops being glitched.
  8. Greystone plaza free play hard mode gives the most xp in game currently. I think I was getting 275k xp a run with 2 20% spheres and 3 50 characters in deck.
  9. Still won't pull big numbers on lanes. Being that secondary and primary attacks are magical and physical. Neutral lanes are game for big numbers. But your forced to put in stats to resistances for survivability so some dps is lost there. Monks can dps and hold lanes but all in all there still best utilized for popping hero waves next to allies.
  10. I'm no expert by far. But my stats go... 1500+ physical and magical resists. 16000+ health 10k Hero Damage Curse Aura Pet 90k ish dps Thorns and cool down sphere. Sitting in a serinity I can swing nonstop even with bosses. Outside an aura I can last a good while before retreating. Best benifit is being able to move around the map fast. Might not be best set up but it werks for me on nm4.
  11. Resistances over 1200 both magic and physical, power up on light attack weapon and relic, prioritize hero damage, hero health. Crane stance large sphere. Curse Aura pet. You can easily hit 150k+ if not more with special weapons. It's Def not as easy as just holding down R2. But much more fun.
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