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  1. Maybe not damage wise, but from a farm stuff up, I want the highest number POV there is. Regardless, it matters. There actually isn't. The higher the numbers, the less reward. I'm aware I can run Demon's Lair to farm pet boxes and medals. Why do I have to farm pet boxes when I can buy pet level boosters? Why can't I buy all pet related items? I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Really hope rework is done well.
  2. I don't understand why people disagree with the original post. This game is predominantly tower defense. Build your towers, adapt, upgrade, repair, etc. The game is not a first person shooter. Having a mob that relies solely on hero damage, while yes it does stop afking, also makes the game unnecessarily more involved in certain areas. The Siege Roller coming should make you think, okay this wave I need to rebuild or place an extra defense here. I'm all for not afking, the game should be all about active building. Selling and rebuilding should be encouraged to optimize for certain lanes and en
  3. The sphere system in this game does not work well at all lol. I like this idea, tbh and appreciate trying to keep Trendy's cool ability changes, but put them in a different place. On the topic of spheres, there's no reason large or medium spheres should be more valuable than uber. There's no reason a sphere should give such a small change it's literally unnoticeable. If we're being honest here, I love the sphere idea. Well, at least one's like the flamethrower, that change towers in meaningful ways. Spheres like the uber shield and explosion need to be removed. Most of my concern is with th
  4. I know, I much prefer endgame changes than pet changes atm. I just figured this is a really quick and easy thing to do, but obviously I made this forum in the heat of the moment being salty that I wasted my last rerolls and almost half a mill gold on nothing. Endgame and inventory before pets for sure, I just hope the pet rework isn't a let down. Most likely going to take a break from this game excluding dailies, so I can be ready to play my ass off come big patch day.
  5. I understand you can farm reroll pet boxes. That's not my point. There are 4 pet boxes. Of the four, one has all the pet reroll stuff. There are 3 (maybe 4) pet reroll items. The pink box does not guarentee a pet empowerment reroll. I also am aware that there is a range on the pet stats. I've been playing this game for a while and have many many level 60 pets. I'm simply saying that for those of us at the endgame trying to get every bit of defense power, there's a huge difference between 315-350. Spending 10,000 after 10,000 first off all is absurd, but that comes down to farming some cash,
  6. So I'm aware pets are being reworked and thats fine and dandy I cannot wait for that. In the meantime, can you please let us buy pet empowerment stat rerolls for like 25 defender medals a pop. I go through these things like crazy(I had 3 stacks from carnival) and seem to have the worst luck. A definite way to get these would be nice. Also, I spent 30 of these in a row trying to reroll a 321 defense power higher and defense power didn't come up at all. Could you make defense stats more likely to roll if your other stat is tower? I'm looking forward to the pet rework a ton. But for now, Happy
  7. How can you reroll stats for free? I dropped quite a lot of gems and settled for a mythical kaoikitten. Spent a ton of gold and reroll items to get 53 53 /55 tower stats. It's definitely not free. It would be nice to have legendaries roll with higher base stats so we don't have to reroll a billion times. Although the pet had the premium skin, it rolled 20-some points on its' stats (compared to the 60-90 stats you can get for the good ones). It was also the lowest tier, blue quality cat variant. Since there is no way to tell or otherwise guarantee the usefulness of a premium pet, I consider
  8. Yeah, I would agree with that, but I'm sure it's something Trendy considers. While I would accept "the application doesn't really need it" as a reason, this is not I'm not even sure that you can buy a brand new computer that doesn't ship with 64 bit hardware and 64 bit OS anymore. While Windows 10 still comes in a 32 bit flavor, I don't know anybody personally that is running it.
  9. You're all wrong! Your opinions are false. Idc what you say because I am right. PDT is super balanced and fair. All of the other towers you guys just haven't learned to use yet. Maybe if you get out and try stuff you'd realize reflect beam does more damage than PDT. Stupid people and their wrong opinions. Kappa On a more serious note, SA's explosion is not the problem IMO. I think the SA should've been the slow aura from DD1. And I'm fine with the Purge Evil passive. Maybe make it 30-40 DU and get rid of the health regen, hero boost. The radius is also way too big for what it does. You shou
  10. EDIT: It's almost definitely a bug. Your towers had less than 600 kills. Even if all of the kills were 1M hp mobs you'd get less than 2B. Looking at the proton beam, for example, less than 300 kills --> no way that damage is right. Doing some math you find the average hp of the mobs that the proton killed is roughly 8.5 MILLION health. Just no way, lol. Sorry buddy your towers did not do over 2 billion dps each. Let's assume every mob is 500k and you get 300 per round, 7 rounds you get 1,050,000,000. So the total hp of all mobs is less than what you're saying what one tower did. Double
  11. Iamisom is usually (or at least ) used to answer almost always on the same or next day. Trendy spends a lot of time reading our posts, or so they say, so if it's worth responding to, I'm sure they would shortly. Would love to see a Trendy response though,
  12. First off I started this off as a reply to https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/141798/pdts-are-the-games-best-example-of-synergy-more-like-these-please?scrollTo=1254940. So go and read that first so this makes sense. Anyways, this is a post about synergy and passive/builder development in DD2. I think Trendy has made a lot of good decisions and a lot of lazy decisions, but has been improving a lot. Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest ideas. Hopefully we can get Trendy to read this and maybe implement some of our ideas. I agree with ya. I like the multiple chain explosion
  13. Hey all, recently posted the EV2 monk overlap glitch and I found something else, but I don't want it to be a glitch.... https://gyazo.com/93f864080447b9216fbb5f766392f5f4 Trendy, please consider revamping at least monk weapons and give us this machine gun alt fire. I'm begging you. I would far forever for this. DD1 monk weapons, although op as balls, were so fun. Game is missing the weirdness that DD1 offered. Where's all the badass weird stuff!?!?! Make me proud Trendy, I'm still with ya.
  14. not sure why my picture thing won't work but link below.. try not to be in awe. http://imgur.com/a/5pkcm
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