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  1. according to today's devstream they're nerfing archers because they think it's too strong in any situation yet this was brought up a week after when AL was released and their response was "we wont nerf it but we want other 4 heroes to be on that level" people on the forum has been going on about how incredibly OP archer has been and that none of the original 4 heroes can match up to it people on the forums still says it trendy buffs the original 4 and it was still pathetic it took trendy 3 months to realize they done messed up with AL im calling bs on this part it took a week for them to fix t
  2. bow blaster cannot get 4/s however bow o'lantern can
  3. any character is viable at this current point in time
  4. literally any dps is viable 100k dps more is not going to change the gameplay
  5. SAS stats - max HD, if you want to survive? - rest in health if you want a bit more damage? - rest in AP gear - HD/AP with hero crit chance + storm gear with monk ability passive if possible profit? profit.
  6. it's supposed to crit but it has never been implemented therefore, crit on sa is useless thus DH is the way to go
  7. Yea Trendy dont care, they are lazy like that. i just go on to do dailies and then gtfo and play other games
  8. you can still do 0 tower build with just the gloves the nerf didnt do jack because the game is still too easy to begin with
  9. you can still do 0 tower build with just the gloves the nerf didnt do jack because the game is still too easy to begin with
  10. trendy doesnt understand what "hotfix" are therefore people continues to exploit said bugs
  11. just click on private after selecting the map you wanna create dawg
  12. check this out for a better fps solution http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=394524957 link
  13. golden versus non-golden pets difference? absolutely none at all
  14. having perfect passive beats high ipwr any day aka ipwr 662 with perfect passive versus ipwr 700 thats all outta whack 662 wins
  15. trendy's got no idea how to run their game
  16. too busy hiding in embarrassment hence the forum managers haven't been on the forums at all
  17. first of all you need 10,000 medals for abyss lord or EV and 12,000 medals for gunwitch and yes, once unlocked, the new hero also comes with a free hero slot
  18. it depends on the placement of PDT it could be better than archers in some cases can completely spawn kill better than archers in catacombs thats for sure
  19. dont forget retarded passives rerolled onto existing equips
  20. the accident was a much better buff than this pathetic excuse they call "buff"
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