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  1. according to today's devstream they're nerfing archers because they think it's too strong in any situation yet this was brought up a week after when AL was released and their response was "we wont nerf it but we want other 4 heroes to be on that level" people on the forum has been going on about how incredibly OP archer has been and that none of the original 4 heroes can match up to it people on the forums still says it trendy buffs the original 4 and it was still pathetic it took trendy 3 months to realize they done messed up with AL im calling bs on this part it took a week for them to fix the incredibly broken storm gloves, a week, given how game breaking it was, it still took them a week, they even broadcasted the incredibly broken gameplay of someone abusing the gloves on stream and didnt even realize what was happening until someone pointed out and the stream was abruptly closed as of this moment, EV's proton is still broken af, just place a few lines at the spawn, monster walk out and instant dies people has been saying this since day 1 of release took trendy several weeks to take care of this, but their way was making sphere unable to work with protons, did not fix the fundamental problem of being broken af it just goes to show that trendy doesnt play their own game and have not realized any of this is happening iamisom say you guys read the forums and yet your action indicate otherwise ... if youre going to lie to the players, at least have the decency to say you're lying and that you dont really care i honestly dont care if whatever gets nerf or not because you guys makes this game piss easy thinking this will be hard even though a 5 year old can beat this game without trying, but i absolutely despise the dev lying to people's face just to get away from facing the community, if anything, youre destroying yourself, sooner or later, the players will wise up i get crap from people on this forum for talking crap about trendy, but recently, it doesnt feel like im the only one anymore
  2. bow blaster cannot get 4/s however bow o'lantern can
  3. any character is viable at this current point in time
  4. literally any dps is viable 100k dps more is not going to change the gameplay
  5. SAS stats - max HD, if you want to survive? - rest in health if you want a bit more damage? - rest in AP gear - HD/AP with hero crit chance + storm gear with monk ability passive if possible profit? profit.
  6. it's supposed to crit but it has never been implemented therefore, crit on sa is useless thus DH is the way to go
  7. Yea Trendy dont care, they are lazy like that. i just go on to do dailies and then gtfo and play other games
  8. you can still do 0 tower build with just the gloves the nerf didnt do jack because the game is still too easy to begin with
  9. you can still do 0 tower build with just the gloves the nerf didnt do jack because the game is still too easy to begin with
  10. trendy doesnt understand what "hotfix" are therefore people continues to exploit said bugs
  11. just click on private after selecting the map you wanna create dawg
  12. check this out for a better fps solution http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=394524957 link
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