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  1. I'm doing this for fun... Anyways, what if all the heroes of Etheria saw IT the Clown one day when they were hanging out at the tavern? What would they do? Write your own little story about what would happen if IT the Clown broke into the tavern and there were no weapons and the heroes were normal people. :P
  2. Kill me for making this RP. -.- Make ur profile first before u RP. Name: Gender: Class: Age (recommend not to put real age... if you want): Appearance: Rules 1. No cuss words 2. No lemons (not the fruit but the other lemon) OK HAVE FUN. THIS IS THE MOST DERPY POST II HAVE MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!
  3. I'm really looking forward to see the other genderbents in the awesome game of Dungeon Defenders 2. Can the game be updated with these characters sooner or later?
  4. After the Ancient Prelude update, I'm wondering when are the Countess and Ranger gonna join the journey in Dungeon Defenders 2? This got my wheels turning.
  5. It was a dark and stormy night when unexpectedly nobody appeared to notice Kentucky McObvious the riding wendigo demon cars from Rorikstead saw a tree hanging down from otter darkness, so he decided to dance on the edge of love so in his underpants he noticed a surprisingly and took a dump big enough to shake the elephant while his companion was making pie. Suddenly, the sky opens a portal into the deadly stratosphere that rained meteorites. Cautiously the bear tried to sneak past numerous orcs and a family of rabbid ogres came out of a cave filled with dead carrots . The MountainDew mountain is overflowing noodles which tasted like brains of nm4 Betsy. Who loves the smell of cold sweat in donuts? Then you will explode into oblivion. The unicorn started dancing until CocaCola™ gave us ebola worms being spectacular. Wow! The intensity that Godzilla enforces brings heavy Koalas into the void. However something roared behind me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! what manner is this!? Meanwhile, the pervert walk to the Kindergardern where little Aliens insidiously gobles cupcakes from the Trump's wife stomach, researching poop texture discovered Putin's secret strategy, which was shockingly inbreed, but roblox sucked more...diesel? As
  6. Since the Ancient Prelude update came out, my laptop is crashing whenever I play co-op after a short amount of time.
  7. I can't connect! It keeps on saying EVERY TIME I TRY TO INSTALL DD2, that content servers are unreachable and I need to change to the nest closest region from where I am, but does that work? Oh no, it DOESN'T. I really want to get back to the game...
  8. lol I do not know why everyone thinks the adept looks like an elderly lady, since she wears goggles
  9. I finally found the solution to why my game is crashing! My computer is 32 bit, not 64 bit. That explains the lagging, too.
  10. And I think I'm gonna die of boredom if I can't play the game!
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