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  1. To get those infernal traps placed north and south i dropped my gear (for aura range). This is called exploit After placing those traps i ran to my items as usual to pick them up again. Right as i clicked F to equip the first item, the connection to steam was lost!!!!! This is called karma
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the shop, it's an amazing first step! Here are a few suggestions I would like to see implemented in the future; * Items auto separate into sub-categories (IE. Weapons:Hunter, Squire etc, Armour:Mail, Pristine etc, Pets:Animus, Guardian, everything else) * Be able to post a more detailed description of your store when creating it, " shop" and very limited character count doesn't let people know WHAT is in my shop. * re-work the item upgrade system, let it see what your current high-stats are (including set bonus) in order to calculate upgrads (easier good-upg
  3. Hi... my names david... I make threads explaining exploits disappear... Hi David, the first step is admitting it. let the healing begin
  4. I don't really think the shop is going to work the way they are hoping anyway. What'll happen is that it will be so easy for anyone to open an afk shop that the people who were hosting games to sell stuff will have a lot more competition than they would like so they'll continue to host games to run their shop since that ensures that random people (who may end up being customers) will get thrown into the shop by the quick match button. Every Tom, ****, and Harry can do survival a few times and get two hundred items in a day to put in the shop while they sleep, watch TV, or go to work or schoo
  5. We are often looking for interns, however we usually prefer to work with people locally and in the office. time to outsource if you ask me! To Canada! hint hint
  6. I was reading posts today and saw an interesting comment! Trendy wanted interns, to troll the user's in order to ban USD sellers, exploit users etc. I was wondering where one might apply for this posistion! closing on 400 hours invested into the game, I am not short on time, and will gladly do my part in keeping the ranked version free of exploiters. thansk for any info!
  7. They added more stuff two hours ago, so I would wager no. I noticed that too - which is why I asked :P
  8. Lo Trendy, Has the patch been submitted to valve yet?
  9. to upgrade a 45+ weapon, it can cost upwards of 10mil, 5-6 mil per armour piece and another good 5-10 mil.. hell, up to 600mil for chicken pet. So if you go with core values, 5mil for armour, 10 for weapon and 5 for pet brings you to 35mil (in some cases thats a litle high/some a little low) then we add in our 8 chars, or those of us who had 8 pre and now 4 more, 12 chars.. but lets stick with 8, that's 8x35 = 280mil, just to fully upgrade items for each of your 8 characters. thats 6 mana caps. Then if you are like me, and join random games - upgrade items in your box to help new players
  10. Hero Shop item cap is currently set at 200... not enough? -Jer I understand peoples concerns regarding shop limit being too high, but i'll be honest, I am thinking selfishly for myself here, people who visit my shop tell me I have very nice items for sale - because throuhg the thousands of crappy items, i keep the best, and sell the great. This is why mana is never an issue (note: all my mana has been gained through farming + selling, no exploit used! unlike.. well, 90% of the population -_- ) I try to stock as much variety as you can, you have 4 item slots, 5 item types, 17 pets, 4 w
  11. Make sure you give us enough room to store lots.. and lots.. and LOTS of items. just giving you a heads up, make sure your store inventory numbers are high, otherwise it's like taking a kid to a candy store and telling him you can only pick 1 thing. you are going to hear a lot of whining, crying and tantrums probably from me.. so please, before patch rolls out, any number above 300, is a good number (10-20 each armour piece = 100 items in store + 20 of each kind of weap = another 100 + pets) thanks!
  12. Just seems weird to me, I can do insane survival glitter for however long I want, I would go to wave 25 except i ALWAYS dc, crash, or random crystal explode so I honestly give up now, I just do it to restock my store. I do not like having to do "map A" because its easier, I prefer to do maps I think are a: challenging and b: rewarding.. although I guess neither apply.. anyway I am going off topic! Survival = easy Mixed mode = Easy.. except knights that go behind towers. Sure, with 3-4 people, you could do it much easier, but with 1-2 people, on a map the size of glitter, what constantly
  13. Anyone got a half decent set up for this? I have tried a few different layouts, but the knights just over-run you, 2 shot you then destroy your defences. it's getting a bit tiring :/
  14. Just a simple suggestion. can you make it so traps got o 0, and do NOT dissapear, they just have 0 charges, then I can repair them to full. when laying 10-20 traps, it's hard to always see what and where needs replacing, would be much nicer if we could just repair.
  15. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm many thanks! /nerding away
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