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  1. Thanks - I'm hearing that Trendy can see the weekly but is investigating...
  2. Are they holding it until tomorrow's update? Any official word?
  3. Interesting. I was hoping for a nice upgrade piece to drop - say a C5 item dropping in a C4 map.
  4. Has anyone seen any super loot? If so, tell me about it.
  5. The default hotkey is "Y" to sell anything unlocked (and not equipped with shards) in the bag. do i have to mouse over an item or just hit 'Y' while in the bag? I swear it's not working.
  6. How does the 'sell all' feature work on pc? I do not have any locked items in my bag, and the only time I see the 'seel all' feature is if I left click an item but then the 'sell all' is greyed out. I've tried shift, ctl, alt, but clearly i'm missing something here.
  7. Thanks for the offer - I'll look for you online.
  8. Anyone out there still playing DD1? Looking for some help getting a BF drill.
  9. Merc! - Sorry to see you go. Although I've never had the chance to play with you in game, I've gained a lot of knowledge from your posts. I started playing DD on XBox, and logged many hours on the console. I moved on to other games, but I've recently picked it up again on PC. Playing DD again reminds me how much I loved playing it on console, but there isn't much of a player base out there (I guess most are playing DD2). It's been a great challenge leveling up my characters solo, and I'm making progress transitioning to NM mode. I'll gladly accept anything you're willing to offer, eve
  10. I just added a post in the guide section for the build i use. My tower damage is higher than yours and I still have to use the monk snare/strength aura to get through it. Just hit 77 last night, so hoping 78 will make this easier (have a full suit of 78 gear ready to wear).
  11. thanks for the advice. Any suggestions for places to get those level 74 drops?
  12. so where is a good place to try and get some armor pieces that will have stats I can get above ~34? I'm currently wearing godly plate and the max I can pump a stat (because of upgrades) is 34.
  13. I originally played this on xbox and leveled 8 characters to 70. swapped over to pc and did that for a bit, and then put it down for a while. Recently picking it up again on the xbox and falling over my mixed memories of the two versions. I currently have a 73 tower squire with about 315 tower damage (other 3 stats are lower, in the mid-upper 200's). All of his armor maxes out tower damage at ~34 per piece, using a rapier (+34) and a giraffe (+61). I used to rip through Glitterhelm, but I guess that was on PC because I'm struggling to get to the final round now. My question is, what
  14. Thank you for the information. Hopefully "official" information will continue to come for console users regarding patching and future DLC. I'm disappointed, but now that it's out on the table, console users can make an informed decision about where their DD experience will go from her.
  15. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?39257-Weapon-Armor-and-Pet-Database
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