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  1. So to start this off, i have played THOUSANDS OF HOURS on dd1 on both pc and ps3. It is easily my most played game. I was eagerly awaiting, and searching daily for any news up to the announcment and release of dd2. When the day finally arrived to buy the top tier founders pack first on pc, then on ps4. I sunk endless hours into the game, despite the unbalanced gameplay, and character wipes. I kept playing until a year ago, when i finally gave up on the game. After over a thousand hours, i realized that i hadnt even enjoyed much of my time, and the only thing making me play it was the name. So lets take a moment, and talk abot what made dd1 such a great game. Level grinding, instead of gear grinding. Lets face it, the xp grinding was a pain, but always gave players a sense of progression after every sucessful stage. In the second entry, progression seems to just hit a plateau like every pay to win mobile app. There are never any memorable moments, as you finally hit level 78, and can finally equip that new teir of equipment you have been itching to put on. Equipment overcomplication The over complicated equipment in dd2 just seems to take away from the moment to moment stratagy, trying to beat the level with what crappy towers you have. I loved the simple stats, fun wepons, and focus on the core eliments of tower defence and action that made dd1 such a joy to play over and over again. I want to play the game, not spend hours, days or weeks trying to figure out what equipment works with my build. What else do you guys think made dd1 such a great game? And what do you think could be done to fix or improve dd2? Is anyone else as impatient as me for a full re release of the first game on current consoles? Lets talk. Lets make some noise that trendy entertainment cant ignore. And lets get the game we have been eagerly awaiting for years.
  2. i just ended up waiting a few days and it works now. :)
  3. ok so im having the same issue as some of you guys. i had my computer wired to run off of the built in video card in my computer, but just a couple days ago i finally got a real video card. you would think the upgrade would make the game run better, but after over 20 times trying to start the game, the screen goes black when i press play on the first pop up box that has all the links to the forums and such. anyways, after pressing play everything goes black and i need to sign out of my computer and back in again, as ctrl alt del wont give me an option to stop the game. so yeah, i dont know if this glitch is relative to the video card you are using, but i am currently using an nvidia geforce gt 620 1 gb video card ( which somehow is a huge step up from what i have been previously running the game on)
  4. sorry for the late response, but no i have not. i have never been able to get eternity to run much faster than 10 fps so i havent gotten all that far in it. i really would like to play it but i just cant take the headache of watching a slideshow :P is there a lot of new content in eternity leading up for dd2 then?
  5. Deathlock im confused, what did i mess up? gigazelle yes that is another thought i had, however i do not think it would over complicate the story, or directly contradict what already exists. the story telling in dungeon defenders is quite vague, only showing snapshots of what is happening, but never fully explaining anything at all, leaving quite a bit of room to merge the stories and timelines of both games. i believe adding in short cutscenes, showing bits and pieces will help strengthen the existing plot (which in my opinion is very lacking so far in dd2) i am not saying they need to make a movie out of it, but it would be nice to get more out of the game than just good gameplay and visuals. which parts do you see as being contradicting to dungeon defenders? i am curious, maybe i can fix it if its not too far off. regardless of weather this particular story works with the game or not, the main idea i would like to get out there in the hands of my fellow dd fans is bringing back the old level designs, with a new twist.
  6. I know this is a fairly large read, but if you are a fan of the original, or just want to experience the beautiful level design, please take the time to read and comment. And don’t judge my writing, I was homeschooled :P This is an addition to the game I would absolutely love to see, and from in game conversations I know I am not the only one. I have spent well over 1,000 hours on the original dungeon defenders maps, on pc and ps3, and have bought nearly all dlc for the base game on both systems, and dd eternity.Yet I would still love to play them more, with the enhanced visuals andgameplay of dungeon defenders 2. I was very sad to find the servers had been shut down for the original, but I think they can make something even better. This is one of a few possible stories I could see being used to recreate, and bring life back to the classic dungeon defenders maps. However I am not sure if the heroes are supposed to be the grownups from the first game, but being in alpha still they still can change that to make things work. This story I would like to share is assuming you are playing as the parents as they go off to war in the original dungeon defenders. As the heroes head off to defend the gates of dragonfall, they say goodbye to their children, and remind them to behave themselves. Throughout the story, short clips flash back to the children playing, and becoming more restless waiting for the return of their parents, when they accidentally unleash the ancient evil trapped within the crystal. The harbringer senses this power, sending in his army to claim the power for himself, while the heroes are off on their quest to slay a dragon (hence the second attack on the castle,more powerful, and with a direct purpose.) the heroes come running back after defeating Betsy, and are able to repel the harbringer’s army in the nick of time, but the harbringer himself escapes. When the heroes return home, they find their children have embarked on their own quest, to defend the crystals and contain the evil that the carelessly unleashed. The heroes have no choice but to follow after them. The children always seem to be one step ahead of the harbringer and his forces, but the harbringer is always one step ahead of the heroes, resurrecting and enhancing old bosses, and slowing them down in their desperate attempt to find their missing children. Dungeon by dungeon, the heroes slowly catch up to their children, but the harbringer has had a plan all along… the heroes finally see their children in the distance of the sky city, after they have retrieved the final eternia shard. The harbringer has been herding the children like cattle to find all the shards for his own gain. As the shards would only reveal their location to the children. He quickly steals the shards, crushes them in his fist along with his already obtained eternia shard, and transforms into an even greater monstrosity than before, With characteristics off all the eternia crystal bosses. (The harbringer has obtained a fifth eternia shard, and has been searching for the others, as they each grant control over a portion of the dark armies) Now with full control of all evil, the harbringer captures the children, and sends his army to destroy the kingdom of etheria. The heroes know their situation is hopeless, and try to devise a desperate plan to save their children, and defeat the harbringer once and for all. I know there are plot holes in this, but if you would like to see this happen please post your ideas, fill the plot holes, intensify the story, and get this noticed by the developers!!! Thanks :)
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