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  1. You can move the colossus and it keeps the upgrade so if its tier 4 and you place it somewhere else it'll still be tier 4
  2. is it just me or is may madness reset not working
  3. This has to be fixed im sooo mad at this *** every time we do betsy nm4 the game kicks us on round 4-5 why is it doing this ? its not erroring out it losses connection to server then says profile locked for saving when trying to come back I just want a tier 4 betsy bow I keep putting money into this game and now find out I cant pass the hardest map because the server cant handle it wtf I feel ripped off
  4. all the nm4 onslaught maps are marked 600-700 did liferoot to lvl 55 no 700 gear plus no special weapon after 35 can anyone (preferably a dev) tell me if any nm4 map drops 700 ipwr gear
  5. I was having the same problem till someone told me a work around now i get 1 every day Just don't be logged in between 9pm pst - 12am pst as long as i dont log in till 3 hours after reset i always get a daily
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