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  1. I believe that many have noticed that defense crit dmg on AL defense appears to be much lower than other. My archer DCdmg is likely to be exactly my AL DCdmg. I don't know it's set to be so to encourage people using AP DP gears and be a commander. Or just a bug with math.
  2. I hate you, Trying to get the sword forever lol Heres hoping for an Abyss lord Leg What's the Abyss lord Leg :?
  3. I have been working on ramparts inc for more than a month, and I do it every single day and now is like more than 100 times with only 3 ramparts loot from the first 10 times. And I haven't seen any ramparts loot for quite long. Is that a change from the new patch or no single play drop or I'm just too unlucky:<
  4. I assume ramster works just like flamethrower (apprentice, not the direct command), which also cannot damage birds. They can damage fliers, they just can't target them directly. If a ground mob is in the path the aoe will hit the flier. I tried again today but ramster can't dmg birds by clear number , ansd so does direct command of ramster and archer (I'm not quite sure about archer's command , but at least it can't dmg sky as wide as ground . I just can't see the dmg number in these cases.
  5. And it seems ramster can't dmg bird at all . Is that a bug?
  6. I must have a draco first T-T thanks for you building idea , i am doing la and geyser now , this works better And i want to ask how you build your APP dps , and how sandstorm works now.
  7. According to the new patch , frost will no longer slow down the enemy attack rate. And I test trap,frost,wall building , finding that 60K wall can only hold orc for 15s or so without repairing . This is quite a bad news for solo , as there will come three orc together in most map . Though we can add sa as no deck limit. Trap , frost ,wall combination seems not to work as universal as before :( Is there any idea to make this better :S
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