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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/id/jozek41/edit My First Try Ever - A little bit bumpy ride - I will try to beat it later
  2. Hi , I have for auction this beutiful helmet piece. Curency I accept : Cubes coals 1:10 Cv ratio Diamonds 5/10/15 (single cap and double cap had to be IC) Events : NPC,Celebration - 100 CV (must be traced) I don't accept other events - they are worth to me as much as i can vendor them Auction Ends on 28/11/2019 - 20:00 UTC To avoid disapointments starting price is 100 Cv or NPC/Celeb
  3. Merry Christmas! Good to be back here again
  4. 70cv on ult++ helm 30cv on ult++ gloves and 30cv on ult+ chest
  5. so lets go mail ++ gloves 20 cv ,mail ++ helmet 50 cv , mail + chest (443^) 20 cv
  6. i can offer 100 cv in diamonds pm me if u are intressted
  7. I Test it it apears that ascesion works properly takes 630 points of defense power and gives 630 range problem is that ramster range is wrongly displayed 25,000 so i have 25,630 range.............. probably bug.
  8. auction will end at 20:00 GMT (gloves already sold to zangdar72 , reserve for helmet is 5 cubes, 207 beard 4 cubes, rest of items reached satisfying price )
  9. Could someone IC this , Thank you in advance :
  10. Hi, i have for auction few very high quality armor pieces and accesories Curency accepted: diamonds 5/10/15 cubes coals 1:6 ICed by Acen c/o=10 cubes zangdar72 c/o=3 cv Eagleislove c/o= 8 coals cpaxe97 c/o=2 cubes UncrownedData c/o= 9 cubes Lootlovinggamer c/o= 6 cubes KiwiBlender14 c/p= 1 cube Eagleislove Happy biding , Auction ends in a week +/- depending on the intrest
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