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  1. Oh cut the crap, strikers hit hard with a huge range and firing arc but a crap fire rate; Summit has massive detours for all enemy spawns so your towers get about 5x longer than they normally would to shoot enemies. The boss will demolish the DSTs in seconds once he's done with the barricades if you don't have powerful enough DPS to kill him quickly. Strikers are powerful but horrifically overpriced DU wise in most circumstances.
  2. pretty sure i found a hammer once with -50% block, does that mean if you try to block you take bonus damage? I've seen several weapons with negative block but no, they don't increase damage taken when blocking. It just doesn't decrease at all, it was disappointing :p
  3. Realistically you aren't going to get below ~3 seconds for Proximity Trap, ~4 seconds for Inferno Trap or ~3.5 seconds for Ethereal Spike Trap. Those are rough estimates anyway, you might get a little (read 0.1-0.5) lower towards 200 Reset Speed but its not worth the investment. I generally get to 0.25s inferno trap effect rate and leave it if I can.
  4. I've had a Bone Bow with a clip size of 1 before. Couldn't help but laugh when it also came with 6 shots per second. Aso had a few weapons with elemental damage 1 base damage 1 >
  5. I've seen it a few times when doing Summit Insane. If you have 1 in front of the centre spawn you can get a close up view of it for a few moments during the dragon spawning sequence.
  6. What he meant was that there is nothing wrong with them. I figured. He's entitled to his own opinion, but it doesn't mean it isn't full of ****. Survival waves are 3-5k enemies from fine, the only people who want to say otherwise have nothing better to do with there time and want to cling to the pathetic belief that they are better than everyone else for being able to sink 6 hours into survival.
  7. Why waste your time. Theres the odd hacked score on quite a few leaderboards. God knows how they did it but trendy don't seem to give a ****, much like they don't seem to care about hackers in general, given that they've taken no real steps to prevent it.
  8. They really should make the blunderbuss into a scattershot/shotgun. Slow firing speed but it fires lots of projectiles in a narrow cone.
  9. It doesn't matter much. An insane giraffe will have 20+ stats, an easy giraffe will have 10+ stats, give or take the odd lower 1 or negative. I've got a giraffe with -2 speed from insane so your chances are no better in that regard. Plus the minimum upgrades is 60, my 2 insane giraffes had 70-80. So yeah, higher difficulty is better but if you're willing to spend the time but don't think you'll survive, easy isn't much of a sacrifice. Only problem is how expensive they are to upgrade so you'll probably be better off with a regular pet with as close to +14 as possible.
  10. i have zero problems with DEW .. on my towers =/ all you need is a strength drain .. and your good ... http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=1707 thats my build for Alchem Labs.. and it works 100% for me .. from survival to mix 25 Lol, yeah right, I'll believe that when I see it. Bouncers have crap health compared to spiked blockades and up front they are gonna be taking hits from absolutely everything and getting blown up by kobolds and raped by DEWs without your constant intervention. And the back? A single harpoon? Like hell that'll stop the mobs.
  11. So far the answer seems to be DEW's, but then the game becomes "OUR HEROES VS DEW'S, and those other guys too." The sad thing is its not even that. If you were prepared to sit around for 6 hours without doing anything you could quite happily solo an entire wave 1-25 Insane Alchemy Labs without having to kill a single Dark Elf Warriors yourself. Auras and traps down for the defences, then stand on top of the alchemy equipment in the centre. From that location you should be able to reach most of your traps/auras to repair since the ones at the back don't drain/trigger as much. Because DEWs
  12. What's funny is all this talk about towers being worthless and to just use Aura's/Traps is far more likely to get Aura's/Traps nerfed than it is to get towers buffed. Because the only thing wrong with Towers is that they can be damaged where as the other two can get the job done while being invulnerable. I agree that DEW's on high level content are gamebreaking when they choose to seek out defenses. It's possible Trendy wants there to be the threat of your defenses actually going down though. Then they should fix mobs so that the only one that's a threat isn't so broken its borderline reta
  13. Squire defense are in a really bad place right now. Most of them cost way too much DU for next to no value. In fact, about the only unit that sees any real use is spike barricades because of the much larger health totals compared to magic barricades. They don't do nearly enough damage, have far too many limitations, and when coupled with the stupid DU costs, they might as well not exist. Its not just that. Harpoon Towers require you to place them such that they can pierce through a number of enemies, which means placing them directly in the enemies path which works fine right up until DEWs t
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