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  1. hi, thank you for responding so fast, here is my steam profile link and i added my steam account to my forum account too. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197985177817
  2. Hi guys, I only want to get my gear from my Squire to my Mage and the item disappeard as i moved (drag & drop) it from the Squire to the item bag, after a few seconds a message showed up and told my that my item is sold for about 3.xxx gold and is now in the temp item box. Its nice that the game told me that, but there is no way to get accsess to the temp item box. Does some1 have the same problem?
  3. Hi Folks, in a few days the "Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 4" will be released including the new enemy type called "the Goblin Copter". There are tons of reasons i could tell you why thats the next fail (oger get droped at the Core area = one hit -> GAME OVER), but thats not the point. Trendys focus is only about the new stuff and they dont think about the huge bugs are still in the game. I think that they maybe test the new stuff but only at the new maps, thats the reason why so many things go wrong. So, lets talk about the main problem! Trendy is not able to
  4. Or alternatively it may be that you aren't supposed to 100% rely on towers on that map. Not to mention that some spawns are actually linked together, or some spawns being the only spawn for multiple crystal lanes, making it feasible to spend less DU on camping at the crystal and instead camping said spawns. Seeing how the "volcanic eruption" crystal path actually goes through all 4 crystal points (if I recall right), one can extrapolate from that map where to best set heroes and defenses. (granted there's only 1 crystal, but it's also balanced by there being less DU as well) I dont rely 100%
  5. could possibly been trendy plan to make this map require summoner to be effective maybe even shards 4 might require minions I hope not, i think its not fair to be forced to buy DLCs to play the game. It would be a realy mad marketing strategy. P.S. And again... it looks like the beta test team dont play the Talay Mining Complex, its realy a shame. It could no be that they dont recognized the DUs are not enough and the incredible mob count. The mob count fix is on the way, i hope a DU fix too.
  6. Talay Mining Complex more DUs?Ive played the Talay Mining Complex a several times now and i would say that the map is impossible to play without a Summoner and his MUs. The mobcount goes down with the next patch, but the map needs more DUs too, i think 15 DUs more would be great.
  7. There are still problems with the performance in the game. [LIST=1] Auras: Since the Monk "was" buffed a few weeks ago we use now 3 auras in the best case and my auras got 1900 range. So the point is, that they need massive PC performance and the fps goes down. App Towers: Iam at a point in the game that my projectiles are so fast, it looks like one ray, so the Videocard have to render so much more projectiles that leads to fps decrease. Sight: Another point is that both (auras and app towers) "make wathing a lot harder. In some case I see nothing but Auras and app tower proje
  8. Summoner and Shop problemsGreat Job your done with the Summoner, but they still some problems. [LIST=1] The Minions take the shortest way to the target, thats ok, but they run every time in the magma in magus quarters, they cant get around the corner, so please fix that. Its very annoying if my Minions kill themself. A another point is, that Sharks recognized the Minions as "Defense" so they charge and try to move the "Defense". Do you see the problem? For example: Physical Beam -> Gastrap-> Minions -> Shark The Shark charge, runs trough the Minions and after that they move th
  9. Same here, PC freeze only when Dungeon Defenders is runnig, it happends randomly. System: Win7 x64 CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K RAM: 16GB Videocard: GeForce GTX 560 TI 1024MB VRAM
  10. Nice one^^, we played your build today, we had to placed the gas trap in south west near to the spawn, because sharks get trough and push away the wall.
  11. I have also noticed more sharken getting through. Same here
  12. I was doing The Summit Pure Strategy Medium (Hardcore), and I got at least once per wave, a period of at least 10 seconds when No enemies were on the map. I was running two characters at the time. (Purely for extra mana faster.) Can you recheck those Timings again? I did summit again with 3 friends, the ogre dont stuck this time, i dont know whats the trigger for that, anyway... iam done with summit :squire: The ogre are still a problem, they stuck, they run over walls, leave the path and take short cuts on the way to the Core.
  13. Hi folks, ive just done Summit with 3 friends. Here is the build: http://ddplanner.com/?l=4453,summit-nm-hc-wave-25 Most of the mobs get stuck at the gas traps in the south, use a Squire or Countess to kill them. No shark come through :squire: For the incoming air use a Monk, Huntress or a Ranger.
  14. Ogre Stuck Summit Survival NM HC Wave 18hey trendy, after months of telling you that you should cut the numbers of Survival finally you did it, nice but could you please fix the Ogre Stuck on the Bridge? Thats not a new one, they stuck since months ago. Ive to wait over 20 minutes that the ogre disappears (played as Countess). In one of the last patches you make the Ogre disappear after 6 minutes, seriously?! please change the time to 2 minutes if they dont get damage or stay 2 minutes at the same spot or fix the oger stuck problem once for all.
  15. Trendy make great DLCs but the toons of patches after the release to fix it sucks. Let's keep this civil. There is no need to bash anyone, including TE and the Beta team. Thanks in advance guys! :) Thats the reason i sayed "And now the discussion is over,..."
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