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  1. been a few months since i played or came on here (maybe not so long since i came on forum but i dunno) did we make it toooo 50 :D
  2. yeah im sure you can build defense not upgrade it and afk for 30 minutes sounds legit to me go play incursion they had like 15 flying dynamite guys coming out every round i actually died several times to them and lost allot of towers but im sure you are correct and this was in nm3 ............. likely yes i could solo most of the maps in endgame solo but not incursion..... and theres no way you can afk in incursion nm4 which is real endgame
  3. the 25 medals for a 30 minute match in nm4 just makes me want to be a casual player this is the main issue of it taking so long to unlock really i dont think i even want the hero if he is op by the time i get him he will be nerfed and if he is op than you pay for this i can solo nm4 maps with my current heroes so this isnt much of a good choice (not for me at least) im even considering just using the medals to upgrade my gear might be a better option for me
  4. the pay per match just encourages me to do the daily quest actually playing for 30 minutes to get 25 medals is not worth it also im 36 before you punks start to bully me like you did the op hes right this is not good all it does is encorage casual play or buying stuff one may be good for the games income but the other is not good for the games amount of players
  5. yeah also iamisom said he is working on the patch notes now (i read this in other thread)
  6. long version short new hero new hero deck with hotswapping and you can build with a hero and remove it and the tower will stay and either pay 15 usd or grind out new hero i assume new map and some other stuff they might rather keep as a surprised also i hear a hero browser so you can see more heroes they might add or will add maybe some other surprise i sure hope so been wait 9 weeks :D
  7. pretty sure theres some in the news section ill try to find them now i may be wrong but i think this is their version of patch notes https://dungeondefenders.com/2/blog/132085/calling-all-heroes-update-coming-in-april-plus-dev-log-63
  8. 17 i know i just did 15 but he didnt state it was against the rules
  9. lol i dont play any of these games this is not cheap compared to any other free game i play ..... in apb i have like 1000 usd of stuff from offers in war thunder i got like $15 of credits for download apps for a hour and in robocraft i have tons of cosmetics and had over a year and a half of premium for like 45 usd
  10. well i assume they will have like 20 heroes 16x15 seems like a high number to me..... so it seems your about $200 short
  11. are you serious $15 dollars wtf are they going bankrupt ...... maybe im spoiled by robocraft where 45 usd buys me tons of stuff including 400+ days of premium lol not to mention the 3 giveaways in the last few months
  12. i liked your post because its a really good question and i also feel they should have an exchange rate im sure the devs have at least thought about this but it would be nice to see the full patch notes for the update ive waited over 8 weeks for so far pretty sure it comes on the 6th so we will know one way or another in 4 days.....
  13. all in all id actually agree with the OP they are their own enemy at this point they are having a 9 week wait for this patch and it only fixes the game just enough to make me want to play it (after i have not even bothered for 6 weeks) the carnival was great for a couple weeks but i was not expecting it to be around for 9 full weeks lol.... i have been regularly checking the website and fourms though because i still have hope and since its was just put on steam recently for me to play im not going to give it a bad review but some players have been playing since before that and are likely fed up and i would not blame them if i had played for several months before steam launch i certainly would not have much hope edit: id also like to say i grinded hard for over 500 hours hoping to catch up to veterans in hope to play with them to only find out after that theres no one to really play with finding a group for nm4 more often seems like some 3 idiots trying to make a group for nm4 but have nm1 gear and think i can carry them through the harbinger alone (this would be the case 9 times out of 10 maybe)
  14. It confuses me when someone with 100+ hours played votes a game "not recommended".. granted Steam's voting system is lacking, someone spent at least 100 hours playing it, and then decided: "nah. it's not a good game. " wtf? Just a guess of mine, but I think (since this is Early Access) there is a minority of people who are actively looking for bugs they can report to help the developers and try out progress etc. This takes time. If the conclusions is that the game is not recommendable at the moment I think this will lead to such a review of a person with 100+ hours. In my personal opinion a negative review of somebody with 100 hours of ingame time is more interesting than a negative review of somebody with 1 hours ingame time. yeah id have to agree 100 hours is plenty of time to grasp a idea of how grind heavy a game will be and how fun it is (but not judge unlockable content) and people with over 1000 hours can be very much more biased when a patch comes along and changes things they dont agree with like in robocraft i have 3000+ hours they made lock on rockets and aim assist low dps long range miniguns i cant recommend that game since i have enough skill to properly aim but a newer player may think they are fun while i think its just a way to make it easier for them to kill me so i wont go 20-1 lol now i may go 17-5 etc but its hard to have fun when you get killed by some camper who would likely be oneshot by a single plasma cannon while you can withstand volleys of them :D
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