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  1. There are far to many bugs to label one over another. They all are fustrating at there own time. We not work harder to correct them all and leave no stone unturned. The only thing that is happening in this game is TE is just adding new shoe polish on a pair of boots that are totally broken down. Time to trade in for new boots TE. Fix your game and let new problems bug is instead of keeping the same problems and adding new ones.
  2. At this point you are fine tuning your heroes and it is much harder to grind for certain gear at this point. Find stronger friends to tag along with or simply go to the maps and try many different builds. Also lane resistants are huge at harder levels pick good lane maps etc.
  3. If not a better onslaught system what game mode will test your gear ??? The answer would be nothing because there is no end game so to speak. Incursion onslaught would be a great test to the gear we have been farming ? If not why even play to get awesome gear to continue to farm maps that you already have beat on farming routine. Harder mobs better gear the chance of you going afk is slim to none.
  4. Title says it all. Make sure the item level gear is correct with every 10 waves gives a bonus item. Each map should have a special item only the map would give. Really what is the point to this game if there is no game mode to test our gear that drops good stuff ?. Some maps loot table is bugged and gear is not being issued out so this limit the grind to a 5 - 7 round wave. The game is over before I can get good upgrades in to see how they fair in the game. Fix loot table and allow the game modes and maps to drop the right gear and it is gg.
  5. It is a shame..... The traffic in this forum is non existent. No more communication from the devs, moderators and folks overall stop posting and playing. It is the fastest way to kill a game in the beta or alpha phase. No players = no money = no word of mouth = low player base.
  6. I've been playing division. DD2 is starting to let me down slowly but surely it is letting me down. I log on every 3 days to do dailies then log off. I haven't finished a 5 dungeon challenge in a long time. TE has to hold themselves worthy of their word or the ps4 community will dry up.
  7. To have a stream just for ps4 is asking abit much. I would encourage more of a ps4 session during the stream to give us a verbal heads up since updating the forum is to much work.
  8. They when paired with frosty towers. They can break the frozen. Something to thing about when it comes to synergy. You can run around with the huntress or app freely and not worry about the ice blocks and a instant death.
  9. Next will be opposite sex version of our heroes. Then a pure melee hero then a robot etc.
  10. Hey the abyss lord looks like my avatar muhahahaha. Called it.
  11. Just when I thought the best thing was the removal of the fliers resist. This will allow for some awesome builds for sure. I will always use 3 EC traps at my blockades but along the way. There will be all kinds of nasty towers etc waiting.
  12. Not a defense but I will toss in shielding wave. I was very sad about this uber. Just not uber at all.
  13. Liferoot is another way to go free and drew toons are powerful don't be mislead.......DONT BE MISLEAD!!!!!
  14. Good to have them all to be honest. The toxic shock true power is combined with the poison dart tower. I don't think it poisons the target alone.
  15. I like dead road on hard mode to level heroes with a super easy layout. I use poison towers and frosties
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