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    Trendy stated that they would remove the Collectors Edition soon... soon= whenever they feel like. There was an End date on steam. 12/1 or something like that. Which stated CE would not be available for purchase after.
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    I am really confused by this lol We was told the collectors edition was ending weeks or months ago ? I rushed out and added money to steam so I could get it before it would never be available again. Only just noticed it still available ? Is this just me ? Did I miss interpret something ? OR has trendy extended it ?
  3. Love Conquers all! Spread Love, Not Hate :D
  4. I used squire with this and made loads :D
  5. No please do not raise the level cap. Would be pointless and waste all the time people spent in the game already
  6. I would like to see much of a challenge as you progress. Add more mechanics instead of more numbers :D
  7. Naxtilian because I like his videos a lot and he helped me and my friends when we got stuck a few times!
  8. Can you add more achievements and titles. Some challenging ones :D Maybe a super hard one with a skin reward ?
  9. Since the last patch I have seen people instantly killing harbinger in wave 4 on NM4. I thought this was patched ages ago ?
  10. Wow you actually done it :D Nice Job
  11. When will you do "NM4 Harbinger with zero defences" ?
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