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  1. I disliked the chain explosion. They were great if the one closest to the core chained backwards, but that almost never happened, so you had a lot of lost charges because the chain would go from "where mobs are to where they aren't." I just thought of what I think would be a really nice idea, I'll be putting it into the suggestion area about that.
  2. In response to the huntress feedback, I love the blaze balloons ever since I got a single item that increases the burn tick rate of them, it drastically increases its DPS with as small of a boost as .04 seconds shaved off the tick time. As for the other traps/towers, I agree in the general feedback that they need to be buffed. Explosive trap has such a small trigger radius that you're lucky if it goes off when you want it to be, also what happened to being able to chain detonate the charges? I think I'd be able to deal with the small radius if I could do that. For the poison dart towers, the
  3. I thought the entry tavern was eventually going to allow it to essentially be a hub world to meet other players? I could be wrong but it would make sense with the way it is currently set up. That's not to say though that I wouldn't like to have the old system back, both would be nice in their own way.
  4. My main issue with attack range is mainly with the Javelin throwers, and it's mostly because they not only have the very long attack range, but they also have quite a bit of HP AND have piercing projectiles. Meaning blockades are just pretty much giving them a "booster" so to say to your towers so they can stay even further outside of tower range.
  5. Simple enough suggestion, either that or add a game option that makes "Tower interaction" toggleable rather than just a separate button.
  6. I only have one problem if that suggestion was put into place; it would add some unnecessary complexity when designing said maps. Because there already needs to be a balance of requiring at least some efficiency to clear the map, but also avoiding a "loot gate" so to speak where it's too difficult to clear a map because you don't have enough DU/power like what happened in some of the later stages of the first DD. Because think of the situation: you designed a map but now you have to ask yourself another question, "is this possible to do the low DU challenge on?". And to get said answer would
  7. I like 3 with floaty crystals as well, but ultimately, I think I'd pick 2 just because it has more of a DD1 type feel to it.
  8. I say no, even at high exchange rates you still go back to the old system a bit if you're going to focus on blue/green. The biggest factor being that the conversion rate being at a point where it wouldn't be worth it if you even slightly use Abilities, like huge ratios maybe in the 25:1 or 50:1 range, would half a mana bomb be worth one extra green point? Probably so if you're full on tower build and you have no use for all that hero mana you picked up. It was a suggestion kind of future-sighted but seeing as mana drops are likely to be tweaked it's why I said it might be jumping the shark
  9. I can definitely understand why you want this feature, but we have to keep in mind that green mana scarcity is absolutely necessary with the removal of DU's. I know that I want to be able to throw down a bunch more towers, but for the sake of being able to balance the game I know that it isn't realistic. I think given time it will start to feel better though, and we won't see so much wasted blue mana every round. It will likely get better in time, but this was a suggestion based on what I currently saw, and I know we can't have too much Green Mana if we're not going to have DU, but I have
  10. Hmm, that's an interesting way of doing it, but I feel like if it was done that way we might see a ton more towers being put up if we're not going to have a DU system anymore (which I have no idea if we are or not), seeing as all that grounded Hero Mana would be able to be used for Towers essentially at a 1:1 ratio. But if the DU system was put back into place, that would be a perfect solution I would think.
  11. Seeing as we have two separate types of Mana now, I think it would be a nice idea to have some type of Mana conversion. This might not be possible with the way the game is setup (and could easily be jumping the shark quite a bit), but I still think it could be a decent idea (except for some problems I think it would have that I'll post near the end): The basis of the suggestion is simple, a way to convert one Mana type into the other, now there are a few ways this could happen the way I see it: Have an upgradeable level up choice that grants you this skill and improves rates For this on
  12. I have to agree with Angra2142, I'm personally not going to like it if it's just another Overlay/Platform to deal with and currently it wasn't doing itself too many favors today by having these weird stutters whenever a message popped up, but if that gets ironed out and is made to do things that something like Steam wouldn't be able to handle, then I won't mind it.
  13. I can't really say I like the new Mana look, it's probably a work in progress but a bunch of tiny crystals standing straight up looks really odd, not to mention I liked the bright and vibrant colors of the original Mana in DD1 and also the physics of them as well, it helped you find them and also just pleasant to collect a giant pile of it. As for the system though I like the split Mana system, as it really helps with a problem I had in the original where it was usually a bad idea to use skills just because Mana was used for everything, I will agree though that tower Mana seemed a bit scarce
  14. Even if you're missing some mana. Date: 11/18/2013 This happened to someone else who said they didn't have full mana, yet weren't able to pick up a big blue crystal, and we both came to the conclusion that the crystal was too big to pick up as it would be over the cap, not sure if this is a bug or intended (because it would fix the small issue DD1 had where people would pick up huge mana crystals even if they were missing only a few mana.) Reproduceable: Not sure, as it was the only time anyone had that amount of mana and said they had the issue.
  15. Topic name, would like a very good one, post and name your price and I will look over then all.
  16. 6 to buy it now then I can take it as an offer for now, but that's not really a "Buy it now" price now that I've searched through other Sicarus threads.
  17. 4.5 mill? That's a start, but I said that I would like at the very least that amount.
  18. price? Mostly taking offers on it, I'm not going to use it. Would like at the very least 4-5 Million though.
  19. i have pm you and steam add ;D Bump, sorry if I didn't see your friend add, I might have gone to sleep by the time you did.
  20. Looking for offers Or add me to give direct offers: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Axelthedarkhero
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