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  1. I did check both, the Shop says I need to upgrade to access the Dragonfall costumes and the Mailbox is empty. If the codes are coming out in emails soon then that answers it, thanks. What I was basically mainly worried about was that it told me to upgrade to get the costumes but I thought I had already was supposed to get them for being First Gen. With the thing being on sale I also wasn't sure if I should just buy it or not.
  2. My and my friend are personally having the same thing happen, I thought it was just the new maps but yeah mini-bosses and even ogres don't seem to be dropping anything.
  3. Experience Sphere 2 says it only gives +0.2% EXP while Experience Sphere 1 gives +10%. Defense Range Spheres say they give +105%/+110% Range but in reality only give 5%/10%, it's a bit misleading. Uber Spheres don't say what they do in the Adventurer shop. You can buy Two Attack Stun Sphere I Spheres, but it's a Unique sphere meaning only one can be equipped anyways. Trying to equip two at the same time comes up with "Transaction Error: Unknown Transaction Type". All I found so far but I'll add any more if I find it or if others find stuff to post.
  4. Should we all be doing this? Since I think a lot of us are missing stuff. i can't say for 100% but..i have the tier 5 rewards from https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/114704/full-details-of-steamcouncil-packs I only got tier 2 I should have access to the dragon-defender costumes as well as the extra gems but I do not. It wants me to buy collectors even though as stated there everything should be open. I'm a First Gen Council member as well, which is why I was wondering since I only got what you get for just being Defense Councillor.
  5. Should we all be doing this? Since I think a lot of us are missing stuff.
  6. It's a much better choice in my opinion just due to the fact that the way RNG goes sometimes you will NOT be able to upgrade a specific item that really needs one. Your post sort of is acting like if Mercenary will make it so that we can select absolute specific items that we want when it's really not, it's just narrowing the scope slightly. I really am against pure RNG. It's not fun when you go for a long time without legendaries for example but your friend is getting several. The same would go for the current influence, I can see why some might want Expeditionary but if it's just going to
  7. Thought I would just give feedback on this too that it's really not fun when this sort of thing happens. I play together with my friend and he had gotten around 6-7 legendaries before I even had gotten my first one playing on 4 player maps.
  8. I could be wrong, but I believe extra game keys were already given out. Contact Trendy at Supporttrendyent.com if you didn't receive them since I think they were given out in Forum private messages but when the forum got wiped the PMs went away too.
  9. That's a fairly interesting idea, but I feel like with some of the level designs, it might be too strong to allow that to happen considering any level with a thin path and a death pit could easily be done with a few geysers then.
  10. The issue with having an offline mode is that they're doing server side loot storage this time around. What this means is that any items you get aren't going to be stored on your computer to disallow people hacking/cheating items in. So playing offline would either require a completely different mode or switching it back to client side storage which is fairly unlikely.
  11. This brings up a question or two I have though, is it specifically locked to the character that placed them, or if, say, you placed that Cannonball with a Squire that had the chance to stun, would switching off of them make you lose the bonus? Another question in the same vein would be, if you placed a Cannonball with a Squire and then switched to a character that has equipment that gets stun on Cannonballs, would it be in effect?
  12. A "sell all" button per bag would be nice as well, if I go through a bag and its all bad it'd be nice to just hit a button and sell it or have a specified trash bag.
  13. It should make it when you're in upgrade mode, you'll see a window like the inspect window, but with side by side comparisons to what's getting upgraded, like Damage: 250 > 275.
  14. This sounds nice, can't wait to see all the stuff you got planned.
  15. I would be 100% fine with a crafting system that allowed you to churn multiple lower type items into a higher rarity. I've gotten more mythicals than I can care to remember but I've never had a Legendary drop yet. It would also possibly be nice if they made Legendary items more rare but made it an event essentially, when one drops everyone gets a legendary in the party.
  16. 0 Legendaries after so many 25++ runs, while I've seen so many drop for others.
  17. Just something as simple as being able to look at the character to see how much mana they have left would be nice too, but yeah some kind of HUD element to be able to see how much mana everyone still has would be nice.
  18. Our group has had that idea and tried it, and while it did sort of work, it mostly ended up being annoying trying to make sure no towers were in a 45-90 degree angle behind the blockade otherwise somehow a tower would be getting hit. It would really just be more nice if either Javelin throwers didn't have piercing projectiles, or blockades weren't able to be pierced. It would still mean you'd have to watch for them, but they wouldn't be able to just keep using them as a service gate to your towers.
  19. Sorry, but I find that's not really a reason/feedback to go against an idea like that. It's discrediting an idea because it wouldn't really be affecting you at this point. Not to mention it's optional, it's not like it's taking gold away from you forcibly. As for the topic, it would definitely be an interesting idea to toy with, way more risk than the shops but potentially more reward for the monster idea, giving another effective money sink. Possibly make it random too, in terms of the boss monster that shows up and/or the wave they show up on, you won't know when they're going to come ev
  20. While I do agree that having solo/lower count teams getting less items is a bad idea, it would just create the same problem in reverse if it was flipped around. Everyone would want to play by themselves or with 1 extra person. I get why they have the bonus loot system tied to player count, but it should be a different bonus instead of loot since it's a core fundamental of the game and some might say they feel forced to play with others which is usually a big negative for some games.
  21. The problem lies in the fact that most loot based games have an exponential problem. You either get too much loot or not enough because it all adds up overtime, there's rarely a pure balance between the two. Also items you don't pick up are placed in the TIB at the end of the map I believe.
  22. The Development Roadmap´╗┐´╗┐ states that it's something they're working on.
  23. I've said the same thing while playing with my friend who's a Squire, early on we found that blockades were pretty crap just from the javeliners because it acts as an access gate to your towers since they can just hail mary piercing javelins. I don't mind them having such long range, but having them pierce kind of defeats the purpose of having blockades.
  24. This is actually a pretty nice idea, and could easily have some neat effects as well which wouldn't be hard to come up with creative stuff for a lot of these towers.
  25. Add a new spec skill to allow Explosive traps to chain detonate without spending a charge for x% damage OR the cooldown of the effect depending on how many points are put into it. These explosions would probably have to be separate from their normal explosions timers but limited to how many times they can activate as to not create nuclear explosions with like 5 stacked on top of each other. I suggest this because the original DD had chain detonations, which would be very useful in DD2 with the exceedingly small trigger radius of Explosive traps, but at the same time not drain charges that a
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