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  1. I agree that shocking revelation is a bit much right now, but nerfing the tower itself seems a but much when we already have so many defenses that feel pointless/inferior to others.
  2. You only AFKed if you wanted to, there was plenty of DPS classes you could play. Survival was boring but it at least was more interesting than than using a single build for every single map because nothing else is viable unless it's over-statted for the level.
  3. And I'd counter with the fact that I've had more fun in any Survival of DD1 than I did with DD2 at any point.
  4. I would be fine with the iterations if it didn't make the game worse in some way almost every update.
  5. Trading definitely should be implemented, it should have been implemented long before this even if it was a limited system like trades only between people that were present at the time of the drop. The only arguments I see against trading are ones that don't even hold water. Comparing to DD1 and saying how it "ruined" the game isn't really true since it was more due to the fact that it was so easy to tamper with your game and edit your items even on the "Official" server or whatever it was. DD2 is a purely server based game, so that's not really possible to do in the first place, and even if
  6. That's like saying every class in Diablo 3 is equally balanced because you can get infinite of your main stat from Paragon levels. It doesn't really work that way at all. Making something useable from the levels is probably still going to be worse than what already performs better since those towers can get the benefits too.
  7. I'd like to give a special shoutout to Blaze Balloons with their asinine 80 DU cost while not just having an extremely small AoE now, but also not even really being any better than two towers you can easily fit into that cost.
  8. I love the people like the post above that defend it when Trendy regresses our progress and ends up making us blatantly worse than we were before and have to regrind for the, what is it, fourth time at this point to get back to an equivalent level?
  9. What I'm getting annoyed of dealing with is the fact it seems that we can't have any fun. I want to play a Traptress or an EV, well with the new chaos update with lots of special enemies that specifically counter those traps/beams and the new Siege roller which just deletes traps and beams. I'm feeling like I don't get to play the way I want to play, I remember in DD1 you were free to do these wonky and crazy builds that could end up working with just about every hero. Here we have heroes with just about EVERY TOWER being useless except for one: Squire: Spike blockade is about the only u
  10. Now, it's super easy to bring up the comparison to Diablo 3 since Ascension is almost exactly like Paragon levels (get character stats for progressing past max level that's account wide and virtually infinite), but I have to say, there is definitely at least one major flaw with Ascension compared to Paragon: The leveling system is supposed to take a backseat to actually playing the game for other reasons, not to play an endless grind specifically for the sake of getting those levels. Diablo 3 has lots of stuff to do and go for besides ranking up your Paragon, so the levels just come naturally.
  11. Been awhile since I've tried getting into the game, but there's one thing that I was wondering about: Since it seems like everyone now will be able to do both DPS and Building somewhat effectively from the sounds of it (while still probably being able to focus on one or the other to an extent), what happens to a character like Gun Witch which has no defenses? Are they just going to be outright weaker due to being only DPS? Or (which I would really prefer) will they be getting defenses as well? I just personally don't like the "Only DPS" type characters especially when the character stereotyp
  12. Would it be possible to get a "Complete hero pack/edition"? The pack/edition making a one time purchase to unlock all heroes currently out and released in the future. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/135189/can-we-please-get-a-complete-hero-editionpack I go into more details here as to why I ask but the general question just about covers it. I just worry that if heroes keep releasing as fast as they are its going to get extremely expensive or tiring to unlock.
  13. So, let me get this straight, anyone that has complaint with the hero pricing, and gets met with the "get a job, ask for money from your parents, pick up bottles", which heavily implies financial status AKA effectively implying they're poor, is just supposed to endure that as "respectful opinionated discussion"? That is some biased moderating in my honest opinion. I have issue with the fact that a hero costs just about as much as a majority of games on Steam cost, let alone being used as the spearhead for trying to get people back into the game but will sort of flop on that regard when p
  14. Completely agree on all points, thought I would give support to it for such a good write up of pretty much exactly what's wrong with the whole thing at this point. I've been hovering around DD2 myself even as a defense councilor and you hit the nail on the head about why I don't really feel the pull to come back and play that much. I've pretty much experienced the first three myself, getting a green pet skin, getting dupes from a lockbox (that was thankfully refunded during the wipe), and the pretty steep price for a single hero that puts it into cheap game territory, aka you could buy compl
  15. This is really well put and a lot of passive ideas which would really help things with loot being more interesting and flavorful. I also think the laying out the differences was needed to be done because Trendy themselves said that they're looking back at DD1 and looking at what made it such a big success for them. I think a big issue as well is that it seems like there's too much at the moment like they're trying to go in too many directions, trying to "Shotgun" the problem to see what works. Like for example the different melee speeds. I definitely agree with the weapons section too, some le
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