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  1. Or during survival, facing hundreds of wyverns and spiders at the exact same time?
  2. Deadly strikers are NOT accurate at far ranges. I see them miss consistently when trying to shoot something really far away, like wyverns on endless spires. The projectile speed is what makes it bad. If it had instant hits instead, it would be way better.
  3. If everyone got rewarded equally, kicking would still happen. The host would just bring in 3 of his own characters and get quadruple rewards. This is sort of unlikely imo, I don't know many people who can 4-box... Kicking will always happen, but making the #1 player get the best rewards only exacerbates the problem greatly. Same with the president's day map.
  4. [QUOTE]Join Date Nov 2011[/QUOTE] I smell a possible troll post.
  5. It wouldn't be an issue if the map rewarded everyone equally. This is honestly the fault of the map designer.
  6. Binding to a key other than 1-0 would be nice. Go to configure on the launcher...
  7. I can't say I've had this problem on OMF, but I've cleared every wave with at least 2+ minutes to spare. I think you do need to work on mass AOE for the little guys.
  8. My friend and I got a 233^ and 238^ nosferatu in the same run on NM HC spook. Loot is definitely still awesome.
  9. It's mostly just the fact that harpoons are a bit overpowered. Bowlings and slicers, for example, are near useless.
  10. Worst tower in the game is ethereal spike trap by far. Absolutely zero usefulness. Worst ability in the game is tougher, but instant upgrade is pretty damn bad.
  11. The above scenario I mentioned is of course utterly false and would never happen to a restaurant that doesn't want to shut down in a month. Here's the thing. We know it's late. We understand that unexpected things get in the way of release dates. We just want reassurance that you're doing everything you can, not random excuses. Insight to these problems are always welcomed by the playerbase. We just want to feel like we're something more than numbers in your bank account.
  12. You walk into McDonalds and order a meal. The cashier then says it'll be ready in 10 minutes. You pay for your meal upfront. She gives you your drinking cup. Then, when 15 minutes have passed, you go up and ask the cashier about the rest of your meal. The cashier then becomes silent. You then complain to the manager and the manager tells you that you shouldn't have this sense of entitlement just because you paid for something. The manager then also says that "you won't remember that it was late, only that it was good." Of course, you have NO idea whether it'll actually be a nice burg
  13. Game studios miss announced release dates all the time. What's with the sense of entitlement around here? Itt'l be released when it's good and ready, and the product will be all the better for it. The sense of entitlement comes from the fact that many of us paid for this content IN ADVANCE and were told it was going to be released one part per month. We have the right to feel entitled.
  14. Followed by 10 patches of reward weapon nerf's. Truth. If the DLC is released late and comes with a myriad of bugs and terribly tuned items and/or content, then we WILL remember that it was indeed late AND that it was bad.
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