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  1. at some point with monk auras you could easily use 1 aura group instead of 2 if they become large enough. sure it might die faster because you're getting double the mobs but you increase the amount of DU so you could toss around the build even more to makei t more effective, just because something works doesn't mean it can't be improved apon. As for "no where else to put it" again people, you're not basing anything off of fact just from what you've experienced, we have no clue if what we're doing is the BESt, it just works. and with the come of nightmare maybe somethings can be tweak and becom
  2. if you have to work off whats displayed it's pointless ,it's better to work off whats accounted for via the HUD, because honestly the difference of .11 and 0.10 might be a 10% increase but really how much goes into over kill and how much connects aswells as can you really tell the difference of that speed? (if you say you can, you're a liar with pants on fire)
  3. well it all matters on what your spec is, if you're a tower health spec mage and only using blocks. honestly nothing, but if you're a tower damage spec apprentice or monk when is damage enough as far as returns kicking your butt, and you have to invest (or logically have to invest) in attack rate, health, or radius. there has to be an answer to these questions. No one can tell me "just keep pumping points in damage even if you're getting 2 damage per 5 points" thats a worthless and cost ineffiecient price.
  4. halo fans need to die in a fire, seriously. they're terrilbe shooters. quake, unreal tournament ftw. and the RNG for the tavern is still terribad
  5. yeah, the RNG is kind of silly, it really should consider the level of content you're doing if it's going to scale at all, it's just to random, i feel like i'm playing boarderlands with just terrible randomness.
  6. Alright, anyone else seem to find that tavern loot is worthless? This is the only place we can go for really high guardians or any other pet if we get lucky. so far i'll finish wave 20-25 of survival/mix mode and i'll go back to the tavern only to see 1/6 upgrade armor/weapons and pets, i'm not expecting to get BIS (best in slot lol, wow reference) but i do expect something to be available to me that is along my level, otherwise a tavern gear is pointless to have if i'm only using mine to sell random **** to vendor. Just want some insight and see if others are having this problem.
  7. so, i've looked at 431 aura damage, my electric aura does 1265. but at 423 it does 1250. so for 8 aura damage points i only gain 15 damage. that seems to be a large investment for a small amount of damage. i really wish i could pay to respec my gear. anyone have some more numbers we can look at to crack this?
  8. ok we're starting to shape up this conversation. and yes, i am very surprised i'm not able to find a person who has jumped into the math end of this game and figured these numbers out. What i'm looking for to be alittle more clear because people are pretty much just giving guesstimations, is alittle more testing. yes MM 0.11 to 0.10 is a 10% increase thats nice but how many points did it take you to get from 0.11 to 0.10 and if you invest that many points into that as apposed to tower health or tower damage does it benefit you more or less. this works for tower spec and hero spec as far
  9. See, my issue isn't so much i'm unaware of how to improve or lost with my spec, it's primarily to answer the question of the numbers themselves as in can we sit down and figure out at what number do DR kick in and how strongly they do. hopefully to try and get a more accurate read on setup, for better min/maxing (elitistjerks style). i understand what you're saying and i was able to surmise whats been said already, just want more information with actual numbers.
  10. because of respecing your hero forcing you to invest all 299points before you can see effect i cannot do any testing, however i'll try and explain the situation as best i can. I was 350 tower health, give or take a few points. I had 19k and change fully upgraded to 3 stars, when i upgraded my gear more and switched to a new weapon/pet i ended with 470 tower health, i only have 20127 at full upgrade, thats a pretty large upgrade in tower stats for a very small difference in tower health. i would love to see a chart or something for each stat and when returns kick in, i know for example towe
  11. Alright, lets talk. I've been playing this game a decent amount so far and i'm wondering if anyones crunched the numbers to know when enough is enough. I'm reworking my gear a bit on all my characters because as i get better gear i've noticed it takes so much to get so little, it took me almost 100points of tower health to go from 19k (fully upgraded) to 20k (fully upgraded) on my mag barricade. i've also noticed on my huntress the damage jump is quite small with the more hero damage i invest. so with that said, when do you say screw X stat and start investing in something else that hasn
  12. #7 huntress bow, 50m infrared on steam. picture of a cat saying boom headshot
  13. Alright, so i've played DD for the past week or two flawlessly. let me start with saying that. As of today i have a frame spike i go from a solid 60 (vsync, i've tried with it on and off same issue) and i'll drop into the 50's every where including the menus. It's a small drop i know and shouldn't cause an issue. however, It is. This small drop causes the game to studder because it's not once every so often it's constantly. I have tried reinstalling the game, reverting to default settings. Lower resolution and graphic settings. I've updated and down graded my video drivers and still n
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