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  1. I WAS TRYING TO POST AND THE I DIDN'T NOTICE WEBSITE FORGOT TO KEEP ME LOGGED IN FOR THE HUNDRED'TH SO MY ENTIRE POST DIDN'T POST NOR SAVE. NOT ONLY ONCE BUT TWICE IN A ROW BECAUSE LOGGING IN AND GOING BACK A PAGE RESULTS IN LOGGING OUT. LOST ABOUT 2-3 HOURS OF A DARN TEXT POST AAARGH!!!! Okay moving on. I'm amazed no one pointed this out yet. I'll only reply about Abyss Lord paragraph since I'm too lazy to re-type stuff about his other Paragraphs. - Abyss Lord uses Blue Mana and I have no idea where OP got the idea he didn't unless it was from flavor text somewhere. Gameplay-wise its basicall
  2. Volcano definitely had its moment as a META for AFk lol. By itself it wasn't good and there wasn't a real good use for it if you were only using one Volcano. It was part of a niche build consisting of abusing Boost Aura+ Buff Beam and Eruption spamming with multiple Lavamancers with Twice as Bright skill sphere. Pretty much just boosting the hell out of multiple volcanoes to the point they become strong enough to wipe the map. You could use any other tower with the Boost+Buff+Eruption and you'd get even more crazy results but Volcano just has the ability to hit everything on the map so it was
  3. I mean Trendy has to prepare a list of topics to discuss and also with answers for the Devstreams right? They could atleast convert that to something easier to read for future references...
  4. Funny thing to add onto this. Trials has either Projectile Hard Counter or Aura/Trap Hard Counter. In the Projectile Hard Counter its still not good to use things like Cannonball and Ballista because they don't kill enemies before their numbers overwhelm your tower's lack of ability to hit them all before they pile up on your walls. You still resort to using AoE towers like Flamethrower or Ramster because they're not listed as being Aura/Trap. I mean its just my experience but realisitcally these "Single-Hit" projectile towers are meant for killing bosses but your Hero is already meant to do t
  5. The man is simply just appreciating DD1 compared to how lacking DD2 is in comparison. You're clearly triggered in some way with all that passive aggressiveness or did I misinterpret your post :L Btw, I'm triggered whenever anyone says Trading does work. It just depends on what is Trade-able. Everyone just quickly assumes "Gear" will become trade-able and goes full No No No on Trade and its ruining the chances we'll ever get Trading. I've got a bucket of reasons to get trading but too tired of constantly texting it even copy & paste is tiring.
  6. What I heard was "BRING ENDLESS MODE WHERE I BUILD ONCE AND CAN AFK FOR 1-3 HOURS" No offense just making fun at DD1 Survival and DD2 Onslaught(old) nostalgia :P
  7. Yea they definitely need their own separate costume. I'm no expert on fashion but I know well enough those helmets absolutely do not fit will with the respective hero's color asthetic for their default outfit/skin. Can't even use on other costumes either >_>.
  8. Grave Danger came back? Weren't they only "reskinned" into some fire skeleton knock offs for Trendy to get around their promise of keeping it "exclusive"
  9. A wall doesn't need to deal damage to be considered being used as a wall. Maw of the Earthdrake doesn't do damage(not directly that is). *Shrugs*
  10. Well...you're not entirely wrong but you're glossing over him in defense and forgot to include the reasons why no one really plays him. He's very annoying to manage to make him viable compared to other characters already available. There are better options for what he can provide which is exactly why his only noteworthy additions is Oil Geyser in my honest and sincerest opinion. * Volcano isn't strong and I'm certain you're overrating this tower. I won't deny its usefullness in Mastery due to how Mastery is designed such as limited tower types. Outside of Mastery mode however...there are bett
  11. World Tree should NOT be used as a wall. Its classified as a Wall and although the Dev's initially designed it to be a Wall, its not a Wall really. I mean it can work but its not doing its job properly. Its so small that enemies walk around it. The Dev's haven't fixed this since Dryad's release and I doubt they ever will.
  12. Top tier anti Air defense and almost feels mandatory to need one for any Air lane you can't bother to watch. Very few alternatives that work as effectively for all air lanes really.
  13. Not sure about AFK timer.Lavamancer is "mostly" trash but not entirely. He's an outdated hero from pre-trials and he just doesn't work with how the entire game is designed to play right now. I could elaborate but I'd end up bashing Trendy with a riduculously huge post that derails from its original context. Long story short. He's the worst for using as a Hero to fight and only his Oil Geyser serves any unique+useful purpose.In my general knowledge, Ev2's Weapon manufacture is basically Auras that can be stacked more compact together to create a better kill zone. They're also strong like Tier 2
  14. Happy new years. Hope you guys didn't mistake fireworks outside for gunshots hah ha hah...
  15. Note: Was making a huge Comment worthy of being an entirely separate post itself but I forgot to log into website I lost all my text and progress. Here is my short summary and I'm too lazy to re-type the rest of the topics I was going to discuss. * Just consider Shard Packs as Lootboxes. Trendy really fked up when they introduced these and allowed us to purchase with Gems. Blah blah blah I heard somewhere regarding the upcoming update that they were going to remove/soft-reset with Shards but won't do it because people bought shards pack with gems or someone brought it up as a valid concern in
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