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  1. I WAS TRYING TO POST AND THE I DIDN'T NOTICE WEBSITE FORGOT TO KEEP ME LOGGED IN FOR THE HUNDRED'TH SO MY ENTIRE POST DIDN'T POST NOR SAVE. NOT ONLY ONCE BUT TWICE IN A ROW BECAUSE LOGGING IN AND GOING BACK A PAGE RESULTS IN LOGGING OUT. LOST ABOUT 2-3 HOURS OF A DARN TEXT POST AAARGH!!!! Okay moving on. I'm amazed no one pointed this out yet. I'll only reply about Abyss Lord paragraph since I'm too lazy to re-type stuff about his other Paragraphs. - Abyss Lord uses Blue Mana and I have no idea where OP got the idea he didn't unless it was from flavor text somewhere. Gameplay-wise its basically Blue Mana. I don't know if the game says its Souls or Life force or whatever and I'm certainly sure it doesn't. - Abyss Lord is not the first hero who can heal other players. Monk can heal via Serenity or Heroic Wave I think that was his ability called. To be fair Monk was trashy at the time Abyss Lord was released If I RECALLED CORRECTLY. - Abyss Lord was not the first hero who could use both Melee and Ranged type/distance attacks. Once again you're forgetting Monk although Monk didn't attack as wide with his Melee and his Projectiles is rather lackluster. To be fair at the time every other Hero was incredibly underpowered at the time compared to Abyss Lord if I recall correctly. I do believe Huntress was the only viable hero for endgame because...reasons up until Abyss Lord. The other heroes got buffed in a future patch though. - I'm amazed there was no mention of a Teleporting Colossus and also being one per hero. Thats rather a unique thing that was later reincorporated into future hero designs for better or for worse.
  2. Volcano definitely had its moment as a META for AFk lol. By itself it wasn't good and there wasn't a real good use for it if you were only using one Volcano. It was part of a niche build consisting of abusing Boost Aura+ Buff Beam and Eruption spamming with multiple Lavamancers with Twice as Bright skill sphere. Pretty much just boosting the hell out of multiple volcanoes to the point they become strong enough to wipe the map. You could use any other tower with the Boost+Buff+Eruption and you'd get even more crazy results but Volcano just has the ability to hit everything on the map so it was the only practical one since Boost+Buff+Eruption wasn't a cheap thing to do for every lane.
  3. I mean Trendy has to prepare a list of topics to discuss and also with answers for the Devstreams right? They could atleast convert that to something easier to read for future references...
  4. Funny thing to add onto this. Trials has either Projectile Hard Counter or Aura/Trap Hard Counter. In the Projectile Hard Counter its still not good to use things like Cannonball and Ballista because they don't kill enemies before their numbers overwhelm your tower's lack of ability to hit them all before they pile up on your walls. You still resort to using AoE towers like Flamethrower or Ramster because they're not listed as being Aura/Trap. I mean its just my experience but realisitcally these "Single-Hit" projectile towers are meant for killing bosses but your Hero is already meant to do that instead so no point really unless there is multiple lanes. Even Aura/Trap have strong nuke defenses for dealing with bosses....
  5. The man is simply just appreciating DD1 compared to how lacking DD2 is in comparison. You're clearly triggered in some way with all that passive aggressiveness or did I misinterpret your post :L Btw, I'm triggered whenever anyone says Trading does work. It just depends on what is Trade-able. Everyone just quickly assumes "Gear" will become trade-able and goes full No No No on Trade and its ruining the chances we'll ever get Trading. I've got a bucket of reasons to get trading but too tired of constantly texting it even copy & paste is tiring.
  6. What I heard was "BRING ENDLESS MODE WHERE I BUILD ONCE AND CAN AFK FOR 1-3 HOURS" No offense just making fun at DD1 Survival and DD2 Onslaught(old) nostalgia :P
  7. Yea they definitely need their own separate costume. I'm no expert on fashion but I know well enough those helmets absolutely do not fit will with the respective hero's color asthetic for their default outfit/skin. Can't even use on other costumes either >_>.
  8. Grave Danger came back? Weren't they only "reskinned" into some fire skeleton knock offs for Trendy to get around their promise of keeping it "exclusive"
  9. A wall doesn't need to deal damage to be considered being used as a wall. Maw of the Earthdrake doesn't do damage(not directly that is). *Shrugs*
  10. Well...you're not entirely wrong but you're glossing over him in defense and forgot to include the reasons why no one really plays him. He's very annoying to manage to make him viable compared to other characters already available. There are better options for what he can provide which is exactly why his only noteworthy additions is Oil Geyser in my honest and sincerest opinion. * Volcano isn't strong and I'm certain you're overrating this tower. I won't deny its usefullness in Mastery due to how Mastery is designed such as limited tower types. Outside of Mastery mode however...there are better options. I could write a comment as huge as yours just merely discussing how poorly designed Volcano is right now. Long Story Short, its dps looks great but in reality its dmg is too spread out against large groups of enemies that aren't clumped together like infront of your walls and TOO low dmg output for single targets compared to an upgraded Cannonball or single-damage type towers. Its main selling point is the huge range so it can still be usefull if there are no enemies in its lane. It's T1 upgrade to its T5 upgrade is very small DPS increase and the Hp is a somewhat decent increase but still not worth the Green Mana so just use a basic 30 DU wall and another Dps Defense... * Maw of the Earthdrake 2nd best HP wall but you can live with just Squire Blockades at half the price or better yet use Mystic's Sand Viper's which provide a better and more reliable CC effect. Petrification takes too long without a Lavamancer eruption boosting it. Its not personal preferences. Its fact from experiences. Also you mentioned that they take more dmg and explode when they die but those two effects requires a Shard and those Shards are a waste of slots. * REMEMBER THIS for the next few points below. Lavamancer's Unique Mana Source is not worth the effort to make him sustainable. This is what ruins him for the rest of the playbase. You'd need to go the extra mile to give him a huge mana pool and manage it very well. Even if you go that extra mile he still doesn't overshadow any other hero in any aspect. He needs Fissures to regenerate his mana. You can make space for Fissures by replacing Flame Aura's with Fissures but honestly would you use Flame Aura's in maps with Cyborks? No. So would you really use Fissures for those maps? I mean you would only if you had DU to spare(or know those few good placements spots) but yea you're already limiting yourself right there JUST to play one Hero. Oh yea almost forgot that unless you're the host/builder then you won't always have DU available to use Fissures if someone else already built the map. The only way to go around this is to just go another extra mile and equip a full Hero Deck of fully geared Lavamancer's. * Molten Core one-shotting Rollers. Didn't know that lol. Doing online research and only see Juicebags talk about it. This does indeed work and can be used effectively but I can already see the issues with this. Its simply not sustainable for more than one-two boss encounters in the same wave and its a one-trick pony tactic for killing bosses and judging by the video you NEED Dragolich to ensure it one-shots bosses. Anyways, Molten Core's bouncing effect isn't easy to control either to the point its just complete random and most of the time won't rebound into an enemy. * Eruption does deal huge AoE Damage but so does Apprentice's Manabomb or Squire's Earthquake or Abyss Lord's Ghost+Stone combo or Dryad simply dropping Corrupt Stars. Eruption looks great and sounds great up until you compare it to other heroes. The buffs it provides to Defenses aren't significant enough to warrant constant use so unless you're camping next to a compact group of towers to AFK or stacking buffs to get the highest DMG output to screencap, don't bother with it. Mana issues is the reason you don't see people spamming this too. * Mostly use Fissures if you're playing Lavamancer and if not playing Lavamancer then almost always just use Flame Aura instead. Flame Aura's can hit enemies in the air which is the biggest reason no one uses Fissures. This is especially true once you reach Chaos 7 with those pesky Kobolts. The only noteworthy aspects is you can ignore the Defense HP stats because Fissues doesn't have any HP so thats a positive point but easily disregarded with Legendary loot near endgame. It does however make Fissures a Niche use in Mastery. * Harden/Inflame is simply not worth the trouble to use. Inflame boosts damage output and the Harden boosts your armor. You also failed to mention that you can't decide to always use the Harden or Inflame because the ability swaps from either Harden to Inflame to Harden to Inflame and repeats. If you're trying to go for a focused Melee DPS build or a focused Tank Build then you're out of luck. You can live with it but not worth the hassle when other characters can do it better. Oh yea this also pointlessly drains your Mana if you only want to use one of the Buffs. I mean its a small trivial mana cost but does prove annoying at times if you have low mana. * You want a Melee Focused Hero? Squire does everything better. He's innately tankier with his Shield and higher Armor without have to rely on an annoying ability. Squire can force Taunt enemies away and the Taunt also acts as a Dmg Buff for Squire so its basically more reliable than Inflame already. Squire can also hit enemies in the Air with the Betsy Shard. Lavamancer can't hit air relaible or at all depending on the situations, has to use a very annoying method to sustain his mana to use his abilities and constantly switch back and forth between tanky and dealing damage. I didn't go into full detail but it should be enough. I've missed a few points somewhere but just mention something regarding Lavamancer and I should have a counter arguement to anything you got. I'm not crapping over Lavamancer maliciously but its just that he really is an Outdated hero and people need to be aware of that especially Trendy.
  11. World Tree should NOT be used as a wall. Its classified as a Wall and although the Dev's initially designed it to be a Wall, its not a Wall really. I mean it can work but its not doing its job properly. Its so small that enemies walk around it. The Dev's haven't fixed this since Dryad's release and I doubt they ever will.
  12. Top tier anti Air defense and almost feels mandatory to need one for any Air lane you can't bother to watch. Very few alternatives that work as effectively for all air lanes really.
  13. Not sure about AFK timer.Lavamancer is "mostly" trash but not entirely. He's an outdated hero from pre-trials and he just doesn't work with how the entire game is designed to play right now. I could elaborate but I'd end up bashing Trendy with a riduculously huge post that derails from its original context. Long story short. He's the worst for using as a Hero to fight and only his Oil Geyser serves any unique+useful purpose.In my general knowledge, Ev2's Weapon manufacture is basically Auras that can be stacked more compact together to create a better kill zone. They're also strong like Tier 2-3 Flame Auras but can't be upgraded so unless you have like thousands of green mana to upgrade your flame aura's, just roll with Ev2's WM for the first few phases and switch.
  14. Happy new years. Hope you guys didn't mistake fireworks outside for gunshots hah ha hah...
  15. Note: Was making a huge Comment worthy of being an entirely separate post itself but I forgot to log into website I lost all my text and progress. Here is my short summary and I'm too lazy to re-type the rest of the topics I was going to discuss. * Just consider Shard Packs as Lootboxes. Trendy really fked up when they introduced these and allowed us to purchase with Gems. Blah blah blah I heard somewhere regarding the upcoming update that they were going to remove/soft-reset with Shards but won't do it because people bought shards pack with gems or someone brought it up as a valid concern in a devstream. No idea. * No matter what anyone says about Onslaught and Ancient Power. We don't know exactly how it'll play out. What we Truly need to know is what it will really be. Trendy can leak out info but its still Vague as fk. They can have fancy words and elaborate plans but it all goes down the gutter. Just look at Acscension. Original Concept was infinite progression. They ended up adding a Ascension Cap on the many things you could put your Asc Points into and Ascension ended up being a poorly implemented Ipwr limit for lobbies and it also doesn't scale well the higher you go up in each Tier of Trials.
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