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  1. Oh, didn't you have saved the game data first? You can upload it to Sony servers if you have ps+ (you can even let it auto-upload somewhere in the settings) or put a USB stick into your ps4 and save your game save datas there so you can always restore it even you deleted them on the console itself... As to the thing if you can play on another ps4 with all your progress, i'm not sure, but if you log in with the same account, why not...it could very well work. But someone needs to try and confirm this for us. I do have ps+ but there is no data for dd2 only the actual game which is like 9GB or
  2. Oh i see! I did that *** on diablo and borderlands :L, Also does this mean i can play on other ps4 systems? with all my saves of course
  3. So, I'm cleaning up my memory to make room for other games and i don't see any dd2 saved data.. Can someone explain this? I'm worried that if someone restores my ps4 back to default settings or something I'd lose my dd2 saves.
  4. Its literally unplayable! I always crash when i join a public game, I have to play private matches and i have't crashed once :/ also the lag is horrific
  5. omfg 3rd crash! literally unplayable
  6. 2nd crash.. I thought they fixed this???
  7. First game after update, Guess what happens? That's right, It crashed -.-
  8. It does knows i literally just did it :L
  9. When you have the name screen pop up you press triangle, Just did it
  10. We have the update but i'd like to see the patch notes.. Where are they?!? (batman voice)
  11. I'm not on tonight though, Maybe tomorrow
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