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  1. Hey Trendy, you've made something truly incredible here. End-game/hardcore players will always have something to complain about, but for the average player (several of whom I've been playing with since the sale), it's premium gaming crack. Hope you guys haven't lost sight of the fact that not everyone who plays screams nerf at a 10% debuff or something :) I get the feeling this game wasn't exactly designed to be played that intensely anyway. Most of the average players having lots of fun aren't going to be on the forums much either. But we're here!
  2. Using the royal "we", are you? The vast majority of people are not close to the mana cap...
  3. There was once when I went to wave 18 and only saw a SINGLE green lol. Bad luck, mate :) It happens! Simply just statistical luck.
  4. The amount of money I spent for 350 hours of entertainment in Dungeon Defenders is the same amount of money I spent for my share of Thanksgiving dinner
  5. My only concern is the lack of care towards console players that Trendy has been showing. It is rather unfortunate that such a great company that tries so hard to be in touch with their fanbase can willingly ignore every console player and their concerns and problems. It's not a lack of care--it's the fact that they have to submit each patch/new content update through multiple gates first before it will even be hosted, whereas they just have to submit an update to Valve for the PC ones to go online. Your updates simply take longer to become available.
  6. Thanks, it feels really good to read this article and you're exactly on the ball. I don't think people on this forum realize how hard we at Trendy work to make this game for you guys. Many of us have never personally been paid and have been living off of our own savings (of which are almost nothing, since we're so young) to make this game. We often put in over 70-80 hours a week and more. Yes we make mistakes (that much is clear), but we are not setting out to nor are we setting out to take anyone's money. And I can't comment about our financial issue, but I'd implore everyone to remember..
  7. To get to the point: I paid $15 dollars for this game, $6 for the premium DLC. $21 dollars spent, 329 hours logged since launch. Some of these hours are afk/left-on-overnight for survival, so let's say 300 hours. 21 dollars divided by 300 hours is $0.07, or 7 cents per hour of playtime. I don't know about you, but I've had a blast nearly all 300 of those hours. I've barely touched the new DLC as well, so I'm likely to get far more hours of fun out of this game. For comparison, I spent $60 on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and got a total of 30 hours of play time out of it. That's $2 per h
  8. I would like to see existing players given the same treatment? The game hasn't been out that long, and its more or less handing the DLC to the new users for free anyways. So... why do the existing users have to pay more? That's like you buying Rift at 60 dollars at release, then demanding a refund during the Steam sale that makes it 7.50. These are sale prices. They won't be forever. It's called marketing.
  9. I definitely thought this would be about the Chickens :(
  10. Signed. I hate how people just give fuel to the "entitlement generation" stereotype.
  11. ^perfect example of some1 who got brainwashed by a moneysink company. Look who's the jaded little icy-heart today...
  12. I'm not sure that counts as dishonesty. What would be dishonest is if they specifically told you it wasn't free and then charged you, or worse, charged you without your knowledge.
  13. Holy crap, the Joust keeps going if you have enough mana?? Can you imagine going to the bottom right of Summit, along those two super high stairs, and jousting from one end to the other? Wow. can't wait to try that
  14. 3.99 is how much I would have paid for a decent burger. Instead I got four new characters to level, gear, and experiment with.
  15. We're pinging Valve about this now! -Jer Thanks! I can't wait to start my Countess!
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