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  1. I'm wondering, how Trendy will solve the balancing issues when DD2 is relesed. So far, Trendy has released progressive adjustments, rather than retroactive AND progressive loot-changes. A repetition of DD's and especially DDE's adjustment will simply break the gameplay because it creates uneven teams: those who played before the adjustment and those who played after a nerf. Suggestion: if you decide to nerf or boost something, do it globally. Write the code in a way that gives you the option to change already dropped items and when you change something, announce it and change all loot. Is
  2. to get back2topic: The most important addition I would like to see is the addition of a key to trigger a subwave spawn (i.e. if a wave consists of 9 spawn-waves, I would like to have ALL of them spawn at the same time) +I'd like to see a change tavern-theme-button. Thank you in advance :)
  3. There is no need to extract everything when you can simply download the music from the creator's website ;) http://afshin.bandcamp.com/album/dungeon-defenders-ost the songs you are looking for are Etherian Fantasy and Snowy Village - Build Phase. Hope this helps!
  4. Additional suggestion: introduce a "launch next spawn"-button. I'm tired of having to wait for the next group of enemies to spawn while my towers are idle. This just costs time and patience.
  5. Fix item stats (linear progression, no annoying rollovers) + PLEASE add a button to change the tavern's decoration, pleeeeeaaaaase I really liked some decorations and it would be sad if they vanished forever
  6. I hope Trendy is still reading this section of the forum, but I'd really like to see an option to switch the Tavern's theme (Christmas, Halloween, etc.). Could we please get this option, Trendy? :)
  7. Wait...that's it? That's really poor of Trendy. This game has so much potential and so many problems and now they are literally dropping it. That's like Bad Company 2 Vietnam...
  8. have you tried the + and - key? This way you can toggle between the defenses
  9. Is it just me or does DunDefDevelopment.exe lead to the game itself instead of the editor?
  10. It's an awesome built. It got me straight to wave 31 where I died due to human error (sold a minion+buffbeam...).
  11. They've deleted the patch-date. I guess they are trying to fix the loot system...
  12. I've experienced the same in Sky City. And while we are at it: When supporting players leave a map and one chest is opened, almost all loot despawns. I don't know whether this is caused by the same bug but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  13. I did some test runs in several maps where I was standing next to the mob's path - during each run, a lot of mobs could get to the crystall without taking any damage. Please correct me if I am wrong, but in my opinion, despite the fact that shots are never fired in the middle, there should be a fair chance to hit the target. To me it just looks like unaimed fire which makes every actual hit a lucky shot.
  14. In its current state, the seahorse is barely able to hit moving targets unless you are right behind/in front of it. Could you please fix this? It's kinda annoying to see each shot hit the wall.
  15. take a look at eve online - they are patching all the time and no one complains. I guess some people DDef-players like crashes a lot...
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