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  1. To farm skellies you must play the first 3 maps on hard. If you dont see a skelly by round 3, quit the map and play another. The key to farming them is pressing ready as fast as possible, and only playing with people that will do the same. You also should be high enough level to build without walls.
  2. Feature from dd1 - dropping items on the ground for friends to pick up. Much like my other suggestion, this one is very important. If you fear new players complaining, make it for private taverns only.
  3. DDDevs, take a look at my amazing suggestion. Look at it. Behold its glory. Thousands of people want this.
  4. They have too much to work on currently. A glance at the patch notes will show they are working on maps and a new mode or something. PvP was added to dungeon defenders over a year after its release. They probably have a lot of cut content pertaining to PvP, but its so unfinished I doubt it will be used for a long time. I would estimate DD2's pvp content will be added in late 2016 at earliest.
  5. 59 Balls? Because that's a pretty ballsy thing to demand. Check how many posts ive made. Ive spent hours helping others with technical problems and being a cool dude. I should get credit for this post, as it is my best suggestion.
  6. Ok, as long as it is known. I've switched to win7 just because of DD2. I guess its for my own good, xp is just so much tighter than 7.
  7. I also realize I should have changed a few of the items to make it easier to understand. Just pretend the top line of items is different from the bottom.
  8. http://s1.postimg.org/g4z541csd/Untitled.jpg This is the suggestion. That all heroes be able to press a keybind and switch to a different equip. This will allow players to switch from being a tower build, to a hero build. Or a spike blockade build to a hero build. Or an apprentice to switch from being a firetower build to an ability power build. This will save many people( and server space) from making multiple characters because swapping items is so hard. I demand this be added to the game ASAP, and I demand I be given credit for it. Its a damn good idea and I want it in game. It would allo
  9. I am on windows xp sp3 - 32bit. I have noticed that when I attempt to open "DunDefLauncher" it says dundeflauncher.exe is not a valid win32 application. This does not make sense, and the steam page says this game works with XP.
  10. LOL? I would reply, but it's clear that you're just a child seeking attention. Please dont, never post in any of my threads. Ever. Trying to greentext now? It gets worse. What a mature observation. Thank you :squire:
  11. So you're using a pure dps built character and nothing else? You can't do most maps that way. Get a tower spec char and build some towers then switch to your dps char like any other map. please ignore the monk aruas and assume I didnt have 120 units used 30 seconds before the screenshot.
  12. so sad my animus can solo this map Yea? My animus has 32 upgrades and shoots 3 lazers for 4,000 damage each, that last wave had 6 ogres with 600,000 hp. Maybe you should stop posting forever before you embarrase yourself more.
  13. Counter trolling is invalid when presented that way. 0/10. truth = trolling You complain alot when your at fault for not being skilled enough to complete monsterfest. Yea, I screwed up. The survival mode with a time limit and a quota to kill the monsters you are trying to survive from was just too hard. I didnt even come close. Could anyone give me some lessons on how to play? Maybe I should just play flash tower defenses on easy.
  14. Your last thread was even funnier, you're crying and complaining because your skill on this game is lacking. I am bad at this game, therefore, I will tell all my friends how terrible it is because I cant complete even the easiest challenges. so you suck but blame the devs? immature much? maybe anger management classes will do you good!? make your character better and try again. This is the second thread you've made complaining about how bad you suck where you manage to blame Trendy. Bravo, good sir. Look at all the butthurt nerds saying im bad for losing the last challenge on the hardest s
  15. Why are your defense units on Monster Fest almost all unused? >.< because 4x run speed ogres 2 shot them in a splash damage 10x the size of my taunt-spin. I think i have 50 in to tower hp btw.
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