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  1. Nuh uh this is my fearsome mask Also if you were to auction some of these, would you accept a ++ set as currency?
  2. 1. B 2. A- Blue turtle tower pet, and I think having 3 pets for this map would be cool so it could be something like Fairy, seahorse, then Blue turtle tower pet 3. B 4. A
  3. If you have myth or trans heroes and want to keep them at levels 74 for myth or 78 for trans, and if you want to respec your hero points, then your hero would go above 74 or 78
  4. If you are willing to sell the shield of mirros, ill give you 60cv for it :P... I honestly don't know if you plan to make another thread as an auction or use this one, so i just said it here
  5. Public reserve of 75cv, and yet you bid 5cv.......classic
  6. Ill sell 3 coal for mana then, msg me on steam
  7. Thanks a lot for the giveaway Plane!! :D Run Time Our Group :)
  8. I'm looking to trade a Traced Lava Dancer Mask for a traced fearsome mask If you are interested add me and msg me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114090769/
  9. 75cv on the cursed brownie and yes these are serious bids......................................................................
  10. Groovy Mask 30cv How do you value BlackSatin Peak and Vortex Set EDIT: Bid consist of 2 double caps
  11. Why do you bid 1 coal or 1 cubes on every single auction? Like seriously, there is already a 15cv bid on this item which isn't even close to meeting the reserve on this item.
  12. Dark Dragon


    Is hero dmg negative?
  13. Ehh Why not try this :D 1. 42.0 2. Monk Sabre weapon from morrogo 3. 12 months excact 4. Penguins 5. Combo CHicken
  14. Messaged ziglas, and he isn't gonna outbid dark, so im going to end this 40 minutes early because of impatience Dark Scrub won with a bid of 140cv
  15. Look at these AWESOME bid increments we have going on here.....
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