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  1. Wut This auction when over will have lasted for just over 9 days Wut Are you offering 15cv each?
  2. I accept Diamonds (15 for doubles, 10 for singles, 5 for non caps accept un-upped only) and cubes Auction will end January 22nd at 7pm US central time Any bids in the last 24 hours will extend auction by 24 hours Pumpkin Staff reserve: 40CV Vortex Set reserve: 35CV Pumpkin Staff C/O: Vortex Set C/O: 35CV
  3. Auction has ended All items passed IC by plane
  4. Updated Original post with current offers There is no 375^ chest, but I assume you're talking about the 275^ one right?
  5. https://imgur.com/a/5KUnr Auction Will End Friday January 12th at 6pm US central time Will update post as people bid IC is pending on all items There are hidden reserves on all items Accept Coal, Mana, Cubes, Diamonds (Un-upped only, 4/10/15), and events (lol) C/O 382^ Ult+ Mail Boots: C/O 337^ Ult+ Leather Boots: Sold C/O 368^ Ult+ Mail Boots: C/O 315^ Ult++ Leather Gloves: Beastmode 15cv - Reserve Met Sold C/O 350^ Ult+ Mail Gloves: C/O 327^ Ult Plate Gloves: C/O 274^ Ult Mail Chest: Scratchy23 5cv - Reserve Met C/O 303^ Leather Chest: C/O 368^ Plate Helm: C/O 337^ Mischief Maker: Footb
  6. GTX 950M Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU 2.50GHz 8GB RAM I'm 99% sure my laptop is worse than your PC, and when taking both of these screenshots I'm in windowed mode, so I could probobly be locked at around 60fps instead of being at 60fps and 50-60fps when moving around. On the first floor I have a decent amount of items with beams on the floor, and on the second floor I have nothing. With two heroes in (4 total in tavern) I still mainly get 45-55 with highest being 58 and lowest being 39.
  7. Shoutout to Infernub/Infernoob for carrying my lazy ass profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114090769 1) Caption Isom 2) Cursed Brownie 3) Cursed Brownie
  8. You would probably just auction off the rainmaker if you won it
  9. Lol at all of the people who have rainmakers, but are still entering
  10. I've bought the Mr. Skelly and Death Wish, and sold the YGK
  11. Titles says it all I have 15 cubes and that's what I would be paying in Also have some gear if you want to look through it. Leave a msg if you have any offers or add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114090769/
  12. If this isn't enough proof that the countess either needs a damage buff, or a huge calls to arm boost, I don't know what is. 74.5k Glad with 37.5k chicken 107k Wrench with 37.5k Chicken Chicken only DPS with hero boost Wrench+Chicken with hero boost Glad+Chicken with Call to Arms Shout out pjtor for making the pictures
  13. I have a lot of memories with this game, but one that stands out to me is the time DDMana tried to impersonate my steam account. I joined one of their totally legit in game shops, and started talking trash to the DDMana host, and I was promptly kicked. While I went to get his steam ID to report him to Acen, I noticed he changed his steam user name to Dovakhiin (aka my name), and I always thought that was pretty funny :P
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