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  1. yo ill take free 15 runs for the jester i deleted on accident
  2. I think ember pony's and pheonix pets should have 65/35 stat rolls.
  3. There's some gear I wanna buy i dont got much to pay with....2 non caps (unupped) 2 cubes and 12 coal. Also have a vortex shield, ginger, and mr. skelly I can trade. I might be willing to trade eternity. Unless I somehow buy everything on the list, this will stay up, and will update when I get more currency. Just message me on steam if you have any of this. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198114090769/ What I need: Ab1 ult Leather chest, ult leather helm, and ult leather boots. If they reach above sup cap with upped res, then they are good enough. Does Not need any other sides Ab
  4. Pls no I love the way fire looks on weapons You cannot tell me that this does not like straight up awesome.
  5. The fact that I play ToL, WW, Akatiti, etc. the old-school way until someone actually requests me to build using LTs is fact that not using LTs if you think they are OP is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL! Who would've thought you are totally allowed to not use something if you don't feel like using it in this game! DAMN! I agree with the idea that LT dmg should be nerfed against bosses.
  6. Ok..... How dare you Do you really think you can show that level of disrespect to the chicken? Im disgusted
  7. i think Veetoo won i dont think anyone will go higher than that lol U thought wrong 110cv (magi price discussed in pms)
  8. I feel like this is the best idea in the thread so far. It lets the hardcore acc farmers keep their sense of pride and accomplishment while everyone else can make their characters look like how they want them to.
  9. This is what my app looks like (Hero points in T-rate) This is my EV with the same app set with different bracers and pet
  10. I support the idea of adding an acc re-color machine to the game. Maybe make it 4 coal or 8 small coal to use.
  11. I don't think LT's should be nerfed. How is anyone without 7k+ stats on multiple builders suppose to run maps such as moonbase NMHC survival 1 core with only summoners in, embermount survival, or NM chicken runs without lightning towers.
  12. Auction has ended gratz heavybaseddrop and scratchy123
  13. In case you accept the bid above me even though I already bidded your buyout, I added you on steam to get some event values.
  14. I bid the buyout of 110cv 7 single capping diamonds 3 non capping diamonds 25 cubes
  15. I have no idea what a gem is a non cap, single cap, double cap diamond? multiple diamonds? Just please say in plain English what you bid in CV
  16. Cav: -999999999999CV (sorry acen) Beans Leftovers: 0CV Death Wish: 0CV Ball Blaster: 0CV (sorry I already have 2) Queen Georiga: 0CV Howling Werewolf (Assuming this is traced): 30CV Ploutonion: 0CV YGK: 0CV
  17. Yes, but I would accept certain events If you want to bid events, please list the ones that you would be willing to bid :) Meh Either way it's far below the reserve
  18. Oh....My bad lol I still have zero idea what you are bidding Bruh Did u just like not read the original post There's a 35cv reserve on the vortex set
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