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  1. So I just reinstalled the game after not playing since around June or July, and I have no idea what I'm suppose to be doing in terms of progression. I think I was on chaos level 3 or 4, and I'm ascension level 69. The heroes I have are monk, app, huntress, squire, EV2, and abyss lord. Any help would be appreciated. I have no idea what this number means, but it looks important. So yea, any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

  2. @mayhem_zero quote:

    Traps should be able to be placed near crystals in the same manner as auras.

    I just want to bump this ideas as I think it is the best QoL change in this thread so far :). Taking off all of my gear on huntress just to be able to place a trap near crystal then re-equipping everything gets annoying pretty fast.

  3. @Plane quote:

    At the moment I believe the following pets have been put on the CDT task list

     ・ Monkey, Parrot - roll ult more often

     ・ Shroomite, Donkey, Djinnlet - can farm sup/ult of these (on new maps, not on their home maps)

    I don't think cupid, ember pony, and fenix have been added to the list at this point.

    "Lets buff Monkeys and parrots to roll ult way more often when they are really easy to farm"

    "Lets not even touch ember pets when they come from the hardest map in the entire game. Who doesn't want to farm fenix when they have 1 in 1241 odds on the hardest map?"

    Lol ok




    I also think cupids should be able to roll Ult

  4. @jyutta quote:

    Wait how you have trace with all the stuff going on with your pc :O

    lol steam screenshots aren't saved on ur pc..................

    he has a screenshot of getting a ball blaster right here....


    if he's talking about a different ball blaster he owns then yea idk.

  5. Since I am a scrub, I sold my only NPC for ++ plate tower helm. I wold like to buy another NPC now. I have 15cv in diamonds and events. The most expensive event that I would be willing to trade is glacier, but I have other events that I would be willing to trade. Add me on steam if you want to discuss.


  6. Im looking to improve upon my scrubby app set and was wondering if anyone has a ++ plate tower helm or gloves for sale. They need to have at least 700dmg and around 300 rate without set bonus. If they dont have tower hp OR range, I can live with it, but if it's missing both I doubt i would want them. I can pay in diamonds and events. add me on steam if u actually have one of these for sale.

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